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Advancing Accessibility in the Arts: A Movement Beyond Boundaries
SAMSARA 2022, Photo by Lisa Nalvin, KPD Cast (Monica Lynne, Barny Espinal, Lisa Sandelin, Marjorie Burnett, Penelope Huerta, Adam Eckstat, Sun Young Park)

Advancing Accessibility in the Arts: A Movement Beyond Boundaries

By: Monica Lynne

To entertain and to educate─back in theatre school, it is taught that this dual purpose lies at the heart of the arts. Audiences applaud pieces that wow them, but also crave to be moved. Artists create work to convey impactful messages, to spark change, to challenge perceptions, to inspire─this ethos is vividly alive today in South Florida and around the world, especially in the realm of dance. With a renewed focus on advocacy and accessibility, now more relevant than ever, physically integrated dance is a powerhouse in dance and the disability culture movement.

culture in the keys
Embark on a Cultural Vacation in the Beautiful Florida Keys
It Took 10 Years (at least!) To Take This Photo
Credits: Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida male dancers - Ballet: Vuelo - Choreography: Vladimir Issaev - Premiered during "Men who dance" - Photographer: Simon Soong

It Took 10 Years (at least!) To Take This Photo

By: Rosanne Gibel, MFA

As art & culture lovers, we all love the many images of dance, from paintings and sculptures to the images that we “casually” browse in articles on the internet, in programs or on posters.

There are many types of dance, Jazz, Flamenco, hip hop, folk dances and contemporary, all of which have their own rigorous training to become a professional.

In general, many dancers begin their formal training in ballet or other dance forms at a young age, often around 5 to 10 years old. However, some dancers may start training even earlier through informal or recreational classes.

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