Buy Art as Gifts!

By: Rachel Bessman
Buy Art as Gifts!

Throughout human existence, experts and casual observers alike have been largely unable to agree upon a singular reason why the creation and consumption of art is so meaningful to us. What we do know with confidence is that the complexity of our emotional, spiritual, and even visceral responses to certain pieces explains why art in all forms has captivated us for hundreds of thousands of years.

Art has the ability to propel us to different worlds, to connect with parts of ourselves we didn’t know or perhaps forgot existed. It moves and inspires us while emanating the essential, hidden truth of life. It’s no wonder, then, why we’ve continued to flock to it century after century. Most of us can remember the first time we felt art truly moved us, whether it was through a poem, a painting, or a play.

At CultureOwl, we recognize the significance of art in all of its forms, which is why we dedicate ourselves to being your go-to source for comprehensive listings of the latest and greatest installations and performances in Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, and Atlanta. With the holiday season approaching before we know it, we thought this would be a wonderful time to encourage our readers to put art and cultural experiences at the top of their shopping lists.

Before spending money at a chain retailer or buying an Amazon gift card, consider giving a gift that can last a lifetime: the experience of art. There’s so many ways to share the gift of culture with someone special in your life, and the act of financially investing in your local art scene has a ripple effect that could perhaps be even more impactful than your present.

Consider the lasting contributions that art creates in a city or region. Miami, a place that was once known primarily for its nightlife has since shifted into a cultural epicenter and haven for artists ever since the first Art Basel in 2002. While the beaches and entertainment of South Beach are undeniably divine, a walk through the Wynwood Art District can be a mesmerizing and transformative experience. Choosing to purchase tickets to an exhibit may seem like a small gesture, and perhaps one without much further thought, but the beneficial impact could be lasting.

And of course, there’s the positive feeling that naturally follows empowering a talented creator to support themselves with their craft. It’s so easy to admire the creative output of the artists we adore that it can be hard to see the small business owner behind the easel, pottery wheel, or rostrum. The reality is that creating the art that we love takes talent, energy, and the financial freedom – not just to purchase supplies but to afford the time necessary to produce meaningful works. When you purchase something from an artist, you’re really giving two gifts: one to the person you were shopping for, and one for the next person who gets to share in that artist’s talents.

Cover Image: Orit Fuchs, vivid 93 2021

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