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Seeing Torah - Quilt Exhibition by Anita Rabinoff-Goldman

Seeing Torah - Quilt Exhibition by Anita Rabinoff-Goldman

Thru Sun 12/17/2023

This exhibition by Anita Rabinoff-Goldman is a stunning artistic interpretation of a verse from each of the Torah's 54 portions.
"It is my hope that by adding my voice to the long-running conversation that is the reading and interpretation of Torah, viewers will encounter the text in fresh ways and deepen and broaden their own explorations of it. In this way, the work is a visual midrash in the tradition of Jewish creative commentary--imaginative re-envisionings that both enhance and illuminate the text for all who seek to be refreshed by it.
The voice I bring to this project is that of a woman, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I look for often overlooked women in the text because we were surely a part of the story even if we were often nameless. I look for ways in which our historic leaders might inform today’s political climate. I look for the reasons someone might have behaved in a particular way towards another and consider how it applies to our own relationships. Seeing Torah is infused with a desire to present the heart and spiritual weight of the stories we continue to read and value."

"Each piece is a quilt, composed of three layers - a backing fabric, a batting, and a top layer, which is what the viewer sees. These layers are stitched together with thread that becomes its own design element, creating line and texture. The quilts were made using hand-dyed and commercially made cotton fabrics, hand-dyed silk organza, occasionally an inkjet printer, and a few embellishments."

"The work was completed over the course of one year - 5778 in the Hebrew calendar corresponding to October 2017 through October 2018. It was created at a moment in time, in a particular political climate, and at a particular point in my own emotional and spiritual life. I hope the work will encourage you to find your own way to read and interpret Torah and other Jewish texts."

Anita Rabinoff-Goldman

Price General admission $12

Time Wednesday through Sunday 10:00am- 4:00pm

Venue Jewish Museum of Florida - FIU

Address 301 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139 GET DIRECTIONS

Phone Number 305.672.5044

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