Art Makes Roads Safer

By: Annie Sparks
Industry News
Art Makes Roads Safer

Asphalt art installation improves road safety! It’s true. A by Sam Schwartz Consulting in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies compared crash rates at 22 locations with “asphalt art” before and after the projects were installed. The results were astonishing.

The Asphalt Art Initiative began in 2019 with a how-to guide for communities to install artwork in streetscapes, sidewalks, and crosswalks. The question at hand was studying the impact of public art installation on road crash rates.

The study found a 50% reduction in traffic crashes involving cyclists and pedestrians, a 27% increase in drivers yielding to pedestrians, and a 25% drop in conflicts between drivers and pedestrians.

The study focused on providing research to prove how the arts can provide for safer roads.

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Photo Credit: Bloomberg Philanthropies

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