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"Black Art Matters" Art Exhibiton

"Black Art Matters" Art Exhibiton

Thru Sat 05/18/2024

Black Art Matters is about celebrating the peaks and valleys of ALL black lives in the past, the present, and the possibilities of the future. Art that explores struggle, tears, laughter, frustration, and hope. Art that depicts the unwavering faith, power and character, the endurance and fearlessness experienced generation upon generation. Art that conveys depth, provokes discussion, and even makes people uncomfortable. Regardless of whether it’s portraying the Harlem Renaissance, dismantling the stigma in today’s workplace, or even how to safely raise a black child in today’s society.

Additional exhibits currently on display:
Featured Artist (Lobby Gallery):
- To be announced (thru April 29)
- Allen Pettigrew (April 29 thru May 20)
Corridor Gallery: Tampa Day School
Artist Corner (winner of the Student/Faculty Art Show): Dionne Seevers
Atrium Gallery: To be announced.

(Show image: “3 Sisters DNA: Ayanna” by Dionne Demettasphere Seevers)

Price FREE

Venue Carrollwood Cultural Center

Address 4537 Lowell Road

Phone Number 813.922.8167

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