Florida Sculptors and Their Work 1880-2020

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Florida Sculptors and Their Work 1880-2020

Art Historian Deborah C. Pollack Announces Next Book


Schiffer Publishing, February 14, 2023

Lavishly Illustrated Book Features 80 Important Artists Who Have Lived in Florida

Pollack is to Give a Pre-Publication Lecture and Sign Books at The Society of the Four Arts on February 8

Distinguished art historian and Palm Beach gallery owner Deborah C. Pollack is having her next book published on February 14: Florida Sculptors and Their Work 1880-2020 (Schiffer Publishing, 2023). The first study of its kind will feature over 80 important artists who have lived in the Sunshine State, including Augusta Savage, Duane Hanson, Richard Anuszkiewicz, John Chamberlain, and Robert Rauschenberg.

“With its natural beauty, distinctiveness, and warmth, Florida has attracted an abundance of artists for centuries,” says Pollack. “While fine painters have been featured in art books about the state, little has been written about the important sculptors who have lived here. To remedy the dearth of literature on the subject, Florida Sculptors and Their Work: 1880–2020 is a tribute to these diverse artists who have enchanted, amused, saddened, or outraged us.”

Capturing the Sunshine State's essence, this well-researched and generously illustrated volume tells the fascinating stories of these creative people and reveals secrets behind their three-dimensional art—from realistic to abstract to folk art. Discover how Florida has inspired both world-renowned artists as well as lesser-known yet highly praised sculptors who have enhanced collections throughout the world and changed the state’s profile with their iconic public art. This indispensable resource is a must-have for those interested in Florida's art, history, and culture.

The colorful and informative new book has already garnered praise from respected art experts:

“Ms. Pollack’s work is certain to increase awareness of the art and beauty of sculpture that is all around us in Florida and will inspire residents and visitors alike to appreciate sculpture as an art form. This highly engaging book is divided into geographical regions, and it demonstrates that each area in Florida is home to fine sculpture. From the Manatee Dance at the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee to Ann Weaver Norton’s Seven Beings in West Palm Beach, there is sculpture to be enjoyed. … Pollack has done the people of Florida a great service by compiling this wonderful book.”

The Honorable Laurel M. Lee, Secretary of the State of Florida and Chief Cultural Officer, from the book’s foreword.

“Finally, there’s a definitive and captivating book on the colorful history and ongoing creative activities of Florida’s remarkably talented artists-in-residence who produce their art in a three-dimensional context within the borders of the Sunshine State. Deborah Pollack proves once again to be a sophisticated documentarian on an important and intriguing subject that has been overlooked until now.”  

Bruce Helander, a member of the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, a former White House Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, and a contributor to The Huffington Post and The New Yorker.

“Deborah Pollack brings to light the breadth and depth of sculptural artistry across the state of Florida in this diligently researched and lavishly illustrated book.”

Nancy Siegel, Professor of Art History, Towson University

“At last sculptors are getting their day in the sun, thanks to the scholarship and research of art detective extraordinaire Deborah Pollack.”

Robert W. Harper, former executive director of the Lightner Museum, Saint Augustine, Florida.

“Deborah Pollack has produced an extensive study of sculptors in Florida, from self-taught to academy trained artists. Her study is a well-constructed and thorough history that provides important information.” 

Robin Salmon, Vice President of Art and Historical Collections and Curator of Sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens. 

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