St. Lucie Cultural Alliance Announces New Chairman and Executive Director

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 St. Lucie Cultural Alliance Announces New Chairman and Executive Director

The St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, a cornerstone of art, cultural enrichment and community engagement in St. Lucie Cultural is thrilled to announce the appointment of Brandon Nobile as the new Chair of its Board of Directors, and Dieulanie Claude its Executive Director.

Brandon Nobile, the Chief Operating Officer of RemnantConstruction, brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to the cultural vibrancy of the region.

Brandon stays involved in the community through his support of multiple local nonprofits. In January 2022, he joined the Cultural Alliance Board of Directors as the Vice-Chair. His commitment to community development extends to advocacy for public art

and cultural enrichment.

During his time as Vice-Chair, Brandon champions initiatives that integrate art into public spaces, fostering inclusivity and engagement. Brandon drives projects that blend art with

environmental education, benefitting schools and communities alike.

“Art rejuvenates and revitalizes communities,” states Brandon. “It gives a town character, drawing people to visit. Look how the Avenue D corridor in Fort Pierce dramatically changed when the area was freshened up with streetscaping.

He continues, “Public art is important to the health of a community. It breaks down barriers for the underprivileged because the cost of entry is minimal. Those who are economically disadvantaged can view the art on the same stage as those who have greater resources. Art builds strong communities,”

In assuming the role of Board Chairman for the St. Lucie County Cultural Alliance, Brandon expresses his deep sense of honor and enthusiasm. He looks forward to collaborating with the Cultural Alliance dedicated team to cultivate a diverse cultural landscape that fosters unity and creativity, enriching the lives of all community members. The appointment of Brandon Nobile follows the exceptional leadership of Rebecca Miller,

President of Miller Permitting and Land Development, who has served as the Board Chair of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance for over three years. Under Rebecca's transformative guidance, the Alliance has witnessed significant growth and impact, fostering a creative culture in St. Lucie County.

Reflecting on her journey, Rebecca expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, stating, "I had the distinct honor of passing the 'hammer' as Board Chair of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, to our new Chair, Brandon Nobile. Our amazing St. Lucie Cultural Alliance will be in the best of hands and I can't wait to see how things will continue to grow under his guidance. It has been an exciting three-plus years as Board Chair of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance! Thank you for the honor."

Furthermore, the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance also appointed Dieulanie Claude as Executive Director. Having previously served as the organization’s Communications Manager, Dieulanie returned in March 2023 as Interim Executive Director, a position she skillfully navigated until being officially appointed as Executive Director.

Dieulanie’s steadfast dedication to excellence and passion for creativity and communication has consistently shaped her professional journey. With a robust educational background: an Associate degree in Graphic Design Technology, a Bachelor's in Digital Media, and an MBA in Marketing, she showcasesversatility and commitment to mastering her craft and understanding the broader business landscape.

Dieulanie brings a wealth of expertise from her experience serving the nonprofit organization, and having worked for international and national companies, as well as roles within the government sector. "I never expected to come full circle, but I'm thrilled to be back. I'm excited about the future of the St. Lucie County arts community and deeply committed to serving local artists and organizations, using my expertise to enhance the county's quality of life,” stated Dieulanie.

The St. Lucie Cultural Alliance is excited to welcome Brandon Nobile as the new Board Chair and Dieulanie Claude as the Executive Director. We extend heartfelt thanks to outgoing Chair Rebecca Miller for her outstanding leadership. With Brandon and Dieulanie at the helm, we're poised for continued growth and innovation in promoting arts and culture throughout St. Lucie County. Together, we'll advance our mission of fostering creativity and community engagement.

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