The 2024 Florida Renaissance Festival is the Ultimate Guide to a Bygone Era

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The 2024 Florida Renaissance Festival is the Ultimate Guide to a Bygone Era

Photo Credit: Florida Renaissance Festival


The clock is ticking and every second brings you closer to a bygone era when Lords of the Realm donned tunics, stockings, broad-brimmed hats, and puffed sleeve shirts, and their Ladies showcased era garb like laced gowns, strapped dresses, petticoats, cloaks, and aprons. Get ready for the 32nd annual Florida Renaissance Festival returning February 3rd and running through March 24th, 2024 at the beautiful Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach.

This one-of-a-kind festival features eight consecutive themed weekends, starting February 3. Each weekend promises a captivating inside look at a legendary time when Pirates, Vikings, evil villains, and unsung heroes ruled the kingdom. While costumes are not required for admittance, thousands of people elect to wear historical clothing to immerse themselves in the true spirit of the renaissance period.

Fire Show - Photo Credit: Florida Renaissance Festival

The Florida Renaissance Festival is produced by nationally acclaimed Bobby Rodriguez Productions who creates an entertaining and cultural experience for adults and children alike. “For more than 30 years the Festival has been a most unique event,” said Rodriguez. “It is one of the most anticipated events in South Florida, and each year it gets better with new and different activities and entertainment.” Explore artisan markets, savor delicious food, and immerse yourself in a world of merriment.

“The Renaissance Festival is a magical place where you can travel back in time and create special memories with your friends and family. From medieval ladies to brave knights, you never know who you’ll encounter as you make your way through the festival. This event has become a destination staple, and we encourage travelers and visitors to experience this festival.” said Stacy Ritter, president and CEO of Visit Lauderdale.

Step into an adventure, where myths and history collide! At the Florida Renaissance Festival, you'll be transported to an era where knights, jesters, and royalty reigned supreme. It's a magical journey that blurs the lines between fantasy and fact.

New this season is the Adrian Empire, a living history encampment that will be doing live steel fighting on the tournament field twice daily. They will also host for one week only, a large gathering of warriors from across the country for a convention and battle. Also new is Pirates Creed, a high energy duo of musical buccaneers that will be performing in the Biergarten.

Jousting Knights - Photo Credit: Florida Renaissance Festival

A popular returning attraction is Knights, presented by DeBracey Productions. This live action stunt show combines trick riding, vaulting, chariot racing, and death-defying stunts as the warrior princess searches for her knight in shining armor. The masses decide the fate of the princess in this winner-take-all scenario.

The Jackdaws Trio will appear in the Biergarten, delivering contemporary and traditional Irish Rock with driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics, while the alluring full run Washing Well Wenches will be at the Washing Well Stage—a pit where women rule, and men drool over their stunning good looks!

Enjoy the earthier aspects of humor with the Splattertime Players, a duo of adventurous storytellers, who return for a full run in the Mud Pit. While wallowing in the pit they will add a new dimension to filthy humor and “groundbreaking” entertainment.

Masala Music and Dance appears full run on the Checkmate Stage. Crowds will be captivated by world-class musicians, as their mesmerizing drum rhythms and enchanting melodies echo throughout the kingdom. Witness fantastic Flamenco footwork, swift canes, and dangerous swords of the most beloved dances from the mysterious east to the passionate west.

Moonie the Magnificent, a juggler, ropewalker, and an in-your-face comic will appear full run on the Tudor Stage, performing a one-of-a-kind audience interaction show. Not for the easily intimidated, he dresses like a clown but acts like the devil!

Les S. Moore specializes in “now you see it, now you don’t” and appears full run on the Crown Stage, where pickpocketing is his specialty. What you think is in your pocket will end up in his!

Knightwings featuring master falconer Ash Cary is in full flight with an incredible exotic bird show, featuring hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, and vultures in three amazing performances in the Jousting Arena.

Tam Tam Congo – is a new troupe of dancers and drummers, straight from the Ivory Coast of AFRICA. They will dazzle you with Impossible African Dances, like the Zaouli.

Appearing on the Good Knight Pub Stage, Jacques ze Whipper, is a second-generation circus performer who specializes at performing at renaissance fairs. This light-hearted entertainer is charm personified with performances filled with a wit and a whip! This year’s Living History Encampments: The Ottoman Empire include Royal Artillery, Merchants of Brittany, and Pirates of Tortuga Bay.

King & Queen - Photo Credit: Florida Renaissance Festival

Florida Renaissance Festival 2024 Themed Weekends

Weekend One: Feb. 3-4

Cauldron of Chaos: The Rise of the Wizards

Embark upon a magical journey between good and evil. As the mystic forest comes to life, the sounds of thunder and havoc break the peaceful morning. Wizards and Mages of Light assemble to protect the Free Realm in a fierce battle against Sorcerers, Enchantresses, Witches, and Warlocks who use wild and ancient magic from the Cauldron of Chaos. A time of conflict is approaching, so prepare your force fields and become invisible to the fear that the Cauldron emits. Set yourself upon breaking spells, defending allies, and heeding the call of the Great Sage. All Realms are called to the frontlines as this passage in Their Future has been determined in Your History. The Grand Opposition awaits.

Weekend Two: Feb. 10-11

Star-Crossed Lovers: Romance and Love Letters

“In the bright moments when two hearts learn to beat together, their shared memories, experiences, and lives are tied together by their strong commitment. What makes this connection so special is its genuine intensity and authenticity. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, a partner, a lover, family, or even a stranger, these expressions of love can take on countless forms, each unique and filled with kindness. Upon stepping through our castle gates, venture into a world where you experience the power and warmth of something truly unconditional. This love is written in heartfelt letters across time, echoed through generations, and felt throughout the universe. Love is all around us if we open our eyes. It’s in every moment, every breath, and every sigh. It’s the power of life and the force of connection. Be present in these precious moments and rediscover a deeper meaning of love, as it’s beautifully written in the stars.”

Weekend Three: Feb. 17-18

Odin’s Wrath: Vikings, Dragons, and Trolls…oh my!!

Once known to shake the cosmos when unleashing his infamous anger, Odin’s Wrath unintentionally ignited the emergence of once-fabled creatures. Upon this Titan’s wake, from the depths of the earth, an ancient magic—once banished, was released. What arose from the dirt were trolls and goblins, and from the trees came fairies and elves. From the stones and sulfur came the fiercest of all: the Dragons. As the storied creatures continued to materialize from the depths of ancient legends, a harmonious connection formed between them and the world of Viking and Valkyrie. Elves shared their wisdom, Dwarves crafted wonders, and Goblins, Pixies, and Fairies added enhancement to the natural world. Dragons soared majestically across the skies, while Trolls and Frost Giants found common ground with the inhabitants of Midgard. It wasn’t just the resurgence of mythical beings, but the dawn of an era where the mystical and the ordinary coexisted in perfect balance, weaving a tapestry of magic and wonder that would be celebrated for generations to come.

Weekend Four: Feb. 24-25

Steampunk & Time Travelers: The Spirit of Invention

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Screeching winds gust by as damp vapors whistle into the air, as a signal for miles to make way for the epoch age when Humanity enters the Victorian Era of Industrialization. Roaring steam engines on tracks hissing to a stop at your new destination of the automaton future! Engineers and Technologists create innovative gadgets and mechanisms to excel us to the modern day with the introduction of Quantum Sciences made by Steam-Powered Creations! Artificial lighting emitting from mist-driven atomistical devices are charging up the static of excitement throughout the Village. STOP THE PRESSES! THIS JUST IN! Travelers have invented portals that can bring anyone in from another space and time! Anything is possible and you can only find it here, folks! You can hear the New World now, ringing in the exosphere: Out with the New—in with the Old.

Opal the Fairy - Photo Credit: Florida Renaissance Festival

Weekend Five: March 2-3

Lord of the Ring: A Battle Royale

As the rooster crows at first light, the gleam of tarnished and worn metal-plated armor shines brighter upon any Knight with knowledge of the upcoming days. Be fooled not, young Nobles

and Squires, what lay before you these exciting times are greatly damaged shields, war-torn armor, and blades to be swung fast and true. A constructed battleground to be met with Established Heraldries, Emblems, and Houses, coming together to fight for the revelry—above all other Cavaliers. A single chance to prove their mettle, and seize the title for House and Glory, in full view of all and for all to see. Grab your Mead, raise your Turkey Leg, and let your Huzzahs be heard across the fields ‘till the final strike! This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, so cheer for your Warrior and House, and bear witness to the live steel combat until the Last Knight is Standing! Pray tell, dear Patron, which Banner will you cheer for?

Weekend Six: March 9-10

Scoundrels of the High Seas: The Pirates Be Coming…

Ahoy, me hearties! Gather ‘round and lend an ear, for the scoundrels of the high seas are on the horizon, and the pirates be comin’! These daring rogues of the open ocean are the stuff of legends, with their tattered sails billowing in the salty breeze and their Jolly Roger flags proudly flying. They’re the masters of hidden treasure maps, expert swordfighters, and lovers of rum and adventure. With a twinkle in their eye and a mischievous grin, they roam the seven seas in search of plunder and glory. But beware, for while they may be a rowdy and unruly lot, their swashbuckling tales and free-spirited ways have captured the imagination of many a landlubber. So, brace yourselves, me hearties, for the pirates are on the prowl. Not on land nor sea be any further safe from the scoundrels disguised as righteous sailors. A grand adventure awaits! HuzzzArrrgh!

Angel - Photo Credit: Florida Renaissance Festival

Weekend Seven: March 16-17

Shamrocks & Shillelaghs: A Leprechaun’s Shenanigans

The Shenanigans begin as this lively Irish holiday is celebrated around the world! Raise your tankards and sing a tune, it’s time for dance as we are surrounded by merriment and revelry!

Amidst the festivities, the mischievous and elusive leprechauns take cent stage. Give a cheer for someone dear and count you Lucky Stars should you find a Wish Monger! Legend has it that if you catch one, they must grant you three wishes. These pint-sized, bearded sprites are known for their love of gold and their crafty tricks. So, keep an eye out for leprechauns, and join in the joyful celebrations filled with parades, traditional music, Irish dancing, and a good dose of Irish luck. Remember, it’s not simply finding your joy in life; it’s about what you find in life that makes you joyous! Let your stories echo throughout the kingdom! Grab you Kilts and hitch your Sporrans because it’s time to roast and celebrate Saint Paddy’s! Sláinte!

Weekend Eight: March 23-24

Into the Woods: A Fairytale Finale

In a mystical realm where the boundaries between worlds dissolve, a multi-dimensional adventure awaits. An extraordinary tale of collaboration becomes that of legend across the land; Reminding all that when dreams and tales converge, that the most unlikely alliances, can bring forth great experiences that one can never forget. Through the freedom of imagination, the chains of reality loosen, allowing for your chronicles to breathe and come to life. It is not in the retelling of what you’ve written, but in the writing on the pages that you’ve left blank. Come with us, into the woods, and be sure to remember, that what you don’t write is just as important as what you do write. Not every child knows how to be an adult, but every adult can set their inner child free. This is the opportunity to express the story you’ve always wanted to tell.

Prices range from $32 for adults and $14 for children (ages 6 to 11 years of age). Children 5 and younger are free. Special seasonal passes are available for $160 (adults) and $70 (children).

Group ticket rates are also offered. ***During opening weekend only, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (age 18 and under) will have free entrance to the festival while wearing their scouts’ uniforms or their troop t-shirt. In addition, kids ages 6 to 11 years old will enjoy free entrance during the opening weekend only. Everyone is required to pay the $1.50 Broward Parks entrance fee at the festival’s box office to attain admission receipt for front gate entrance.

Click here for Festival/Fair Events.

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