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The Miami Art community has been keeping the arts alive! Miami-Dade County’s cultural institutions announced Miami Art Strong, an ongoing partnership to strengthen the impact and ensure the longevity of the arts in Miami.

Miami Art Strong will kick off on July 16th, with the launch of an interactive digital marketing campaign that invites local audiences to share the local art experiences that inspire them and keep them hopeful about the future using the hashtag #MiamiArtStrong.

The arts are a powerful force, allowing us to express our humanity through a spectrum of emotions, from joy to sadness and nostalgia. Most importantly, the arts allow us to connect with one another, and address the profound cultural and societal frameworks that make up our present-day reality. In a moment of collective reckoning, the arts encourage reflection, ignite necessary conversations, and create empathy among our widely diverse communities. 

Over the last decade, Miami’s arts community has flourished into one that truly resonates with the city’s multicultural and multilingual public. From world-class museums to renowned symphonies and dance companies, artist residencies and studio spaces, and a thriving community of creators, Miami has emerged as one of the foremost art centers in the United States. Its impact makes our city a more desirable and socially engaged place to live, generates billions of dollars in economic activity, and inspires future generations to imagine a more inclusive and just world.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred a set of unprecedented challenges for Miami’s cultural institutions, forcing all to close and adjust their programming schedules to ensure public safety. While their temporary closure certainly impacted revenue streams and important programming and exhibition adjustments, what our organizations ultimately miss most is the ability to connect directly with local audiences.

Miami Art Strong strengthens our shared mission and allows local institutions to engage audiences near and far, creating a digital repository of experiences that have shaped Miami culture. Participating institutions will encourage social media users to share how the arts have inspired them using the hashtag #MiamiArtStrong. In addition to this shared campaign, leaders from each institution’s development and communications teams are meeting regularly to share resources, information, and strategies in pursuit of their continued sustainability.  

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