Virtual Experiences suggested by Daisy

By: CultureOwl
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Virtual Experiences suggested by Daisy

Our writer, Daisy Cabrera, created a list of suggestions on how to indulge in some culture from the safety of your home!

5 free online MoMA courses to help you become an art expert in isolation.

60 day free (trial subscription) – get unlimited access to thousands of online art & craft classes. 

Leica and Olympus are offering free virtual courses and talks for photographers. Click here.

Free online events and activities for kids at home.

You're a home-schooler now? Check out these free resources for activities kids will love.

15 virtual games you can play over FaceTime.

16 best virtual arts & culture tours.

Virtual workout classes you can do at home for free.

Get fit indoors with the best free online classes, free apps and challenges available for everyone now.

Free entertainment to help you survive coronavirus social distancing.

Free classical concerts you can listen to and watch online.

The best free yoga classes online.

Free tips and tools for remote working.

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