Give Miami Day 2020

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Give Miami Day 2020

Give Miami Day gives everyone a chance to support their favorite organization. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s social.

Give Miami Day is a 24-hour online giving campaign that makes it easy for everyone to become a philanthropist for their favorite causes. On November 19th, individuals can select a nonprofit organization and contribute online through the GiveMiami platform. There are hundreds of nonprofits serving Miami-Dade County to choose from. 

This is a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations of any size to engage their supporters and join the fun for a good cause. With Bonus, Prize and Match Minutes Pools, everyone can get in on the activity. The donations are known as gifts and anyone can make them! 

The excitement builds as the Prize and Match Minutes Pools are announced in advance so that everyone can plan their strategy. Some may be as simple as the first to give or the most donors within a particular time frame. With a minimum donation of $25, it can be as much about engaging the donors as the actual dollars.

With its own hashtag #GiveMiamiDay, everyone is encouraged to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to spread the word before, during and after the event. Savvy social media users can benefit, not only their favorite non-profit, but the event itself.

Then, on November 19th- everyone can follow the leaderboards, see who is winning the prizes, announce on social media and generally keep the party going. All funds donated go tp the participating organizations. Donations are fully tax -deductible to the donor.

At the end of the day- a Bonus Pool is determined, giving participating organized that last boost. It is determined by the total of gifts between $25 and $10,000, again allowing smaller organizations to benefit.

Because participating organizations are vetted through the Miami Foundations, donors can give with confidence. They must be actively qualified as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity with programming in Miami-Dade County, or must have a pre-approved philanthropic Fund* at The Miami Foundation and be actively registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

This year, The Miami Foundation is introducing POWER HOURS - a way to spotlight specific issue areas/nonprofit categories throughout the day to boost attention and fundraising. Here's how they'll work:

Issue area spotlights: On Give Miami Day, every hour from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. will be designated as a Power Hour for a different issue area/nonprofit category. During that hour, the Miami Foundation will use social and digital media to motivate donors who care about that issue to explore the organizations doing incredible work to address it. The goal is to help residents and donors find new organizations and showcase the importance of local nonprofits’ work to Give Miami Day’s massive audience. 

Bonus dollars during each Power Hour: The Miami Foundation is partnering with sponsors who want to give toward specific issues to offer bonus dollars during each Power Hour. They've built additional bonus pools that will be distributed to organizations receiving donations during their Power Hour. This will add more incentive for donors to support their favorite causes and organizations during these hours. 

Equity spotlights: Knowing that donors have shown an interest in supporting historically marginalized leaders and organizations, they've added Power Hours for Black-led organizations doing work to strengthen Black communities, as well as one for LGBTQ-led organizations working to strengthen LGBTQ communities. During Give Miami Day, these hours will spotlight these leaders and organizations, giving them an extra boost (and bonus dollars) on top of their issue area spotlight hour.

Give Miami Day 2020 Power Hours

9 a.m. - Health & Wellness

 10 a.m. - Faith-Based Programs & Services

 11 a.m. - Education & Youth

 12 p.m. - Social & Community Support Services

 1 p.m. - Animals

 2 p.m. - Civic Engagement, Advocacy & Equity

3 p.m. - Black Equity 

4 p.m. - LGBTQ Equity

5 p.m. - Economic & Community Development

6 p.m. - Environment & Urban Resilience

7 p.m. - Arts, Culture & Humanities

Since 2012, Give Miami Day has raised more than $47 million. It is one of the largest annual online giving events in the United States.

The Miami Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 with this event enhancing its mission of increasing philanthropy and community engagement using up to the minute technology.

The Foundation describes itself as *the foundation for people who are passionate about Miami.” Its goal of advancing quality of life in Greater Miami through civic leadership, community investment and philanthropy is demonstrated through its programs of recognition, scholarships, grants, training and reporting.

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