Foodie Diaries - Kuro

Foodie Diaries - Kuro


When we embarked on our Kuro adventure, we weren’t sure what to expect. Of course we’d heard that Kuro is a new-style Japanese concept that features handcrafted dishes, applies classic Japanese techniques, and crafts contemporary, artisanal creations. But we were totally blown away when we arrived. The atmosphere can best be described as embodying the fantasy vibe of Vegas. Yes it’s a bit pricey. But boy, is it worth it! Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted enthusiastically in Japanese and escorted to our table through the dining area, featuring ultra-trendy décor with warm hues and pop music filtering through the air in true Hard Rock tradition. The 9,500-square-foot restaurant is an accessible showpiece that boasts an open, theater-style dining room and a bar featuring 110 bottles of wine. The lounge’s skylight and the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows, which overlook the resort’s tropical pool oasis, ensure ample lighting and provide an aura of al fresco dining. With its open layout and round tables in the main dining room, Kuro creates the perfect ambiance for connecting people, and we couldn’t wait for the tasting extravaganza to begin!


Executive Chef Alex Q. Becker promotes kaiseki-style dining, in which each dish is designed with sharing in mind. Kaiseki dining is a traditional Japanese multi-course dining experience that teases the palette with flavors, textures and techniques beginning with lightest fare to spicier, heavier and richer dishes. This sounded really good to us!


We kicked things off with fantastic sake, elegantly presented in a glass with a large cube of ice. The chilled bottle pours into the glass and over the cube and it was a great way get our palates ready for the pleasures to come.


Hot Stone Ishiyaki / Japanese Charcoal Grill
Cooked right at your table using hot stones at 700 degrees, this succulent cut of thinly sliced meat is the essence of perfect taste and scintillating aromas. Yes, the price is on the extravagant side per ounce, but just one bite of this treasure is absolutely worth it!


Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi
This delectable blend of yuzu jelly, young ginger, and sea salt was the perfect opener for our culinary experience. Just imagine the flavor of citrus, the perfect dash of spicy ginger, complemented by buttery scallop. This Sashimi will have you shimmying for more!

Tuna Crispy Rice
A zesty mix of spicy tuna and osetra caviar, this dish features crispy rice seared with clarified butter and expertly marries all texture with flavor. A great way to whet your appetite.

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio
Meat lovers, prepare to get your minds’ blown, as well as your taste buds! Wagyu (which literally translates to “Japanese Cow”) is the highest quality of meat, genetically predisposed to intense marbling, producing a high percentage of unsaturated fat. Every tender bite of this mouth-watering dish was filled with citrusy lemon flavor, cilantro, and basil, served with discs of gelatin sauce, umadoshi spears, microgreens, and a delish Japanese salad featuring rice pearls. Pure Heaven!


Japanese Fireside Cooking using specialized charcoal.

Duck Breast
The Culinary delights continued to please us with this tasty dish, featuring apricot, karashi mustard, shiso, and yakitori sauce.

Short Rib Skewers
OMG! This platter is the epitome of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. No surprise this treat is served like lollipops, and features a lime zest that’s to die for, along with green onion, sesame, and topped with a sublime, lemony finish.

Wagyu Tacos
Just when we thought Wagyu couldn’t get any better, this fabulous gem arrived. The perfect marriage of crunch, spice, and creamy beef, this dish features spicy aji amarillo aioli sauce, cilantro, and soy shallots.


Chilean Seabass Miso
Served on a large dried leaf, this entrée is perfect for cleansing the palette. It’s flaky and tender, marinated in miso from 24 to 36 hours. What better way to prepare for experiencing more awesome flavors?


Elegantly presented, these selections represent sushi the way it was intended to, very fresh and with no need for added anything.

We savored every bit of this delectable combo of wasabi and truffle tofu.

Seared Hamachi
Next, we couldn’t get enough of this flawless blend of cilantro and jalapeno ponzu.

House Smoked Trout
Finally, we tried this brilliant fusion of shiso and yuzu kosho aioli.


Japanese Doughnuts
What better way to end our culinary adventure than with this decadent delight? Tossed in ichi umi spice, cinnamon, and sugar, we devoured every bite of this dessert, made with peanut butter, matcha anglaise, and chocolate ganache. Yum!

Kuro Goma Panna Cotta
Talk about adventurous with lots of textures and flavors! This blend of ginger gelee, cucumber pearl, pomegranate foam, and nari sponge crumble, explodes in your mouth. So good!

Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
On the lighter side, this sinful blend of spiced panache, strawberry gel, and sesame brittle tasted like a fabulous mousse, and capped off our evening on a wonderful note.


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