FOODIE DIARIES - Fabio the Venetian

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FOODIE DIARIES - Fabio the Venetian


Located in the Heart of Fort Lauderdale, Fabio the Venetian has an amazingly romantic vibe that envelops you in its spell as soon as you walk through the door. From the black table cloths and flowers adorning each table, to the homey, subdued lighting and framed family photos throughout, the result is a very intimate atmosphere that feels almost like a homecoming, especially when we could see right through to the kitchen as they prepared our feast. To add to the very authentic, European feel, there was Italian music playing in the background. And the smells! Mama Mia! Our stomachs grumbled with anticipation. We were honored when Chef Fabio Cracco, himself, visited our table. “We have brought Northern Italy to South Florida,” he explained, regaling us with fascinating tales of the culinary history of Venice and the surrounding areas, and the uniqueness of every dish and how it represents northern Italy. Since the restaurant offered great wines by the glass, we decided to pair each of our dishes with specific selections to complement all the fabulous flavors. That’s definitely the way to go if you want to create an authentic and extremely satisfying dining experience.

Things We Tried


Forget everything you experienced as a child. This meatball will blow your mind. This unique combination of several different types of cured salamis, cheeses, mushroom, spinach and ciabatta was to die for. It’s finished with a drizzle of butter and fresh, crisped, sage. There’s no wonder this dish has earned the reputation of putting Fabio the Venetian on the map. You’ll never look at a meatball the same again!


This dish was definitely our fave. The combo of apple, Brie cheese, and caramelized onions, wrapped in a strip of puff pastry, shaped as a rose, and surrounded by thinly sliced prosciutto blew our minds. So decadent! It was heavenly creaminess, with a flavor mix that was out of this world awesome. It’s served over a sweet Gorgonzola and fresh arugula sauce. Talk about a total celebration for the palate. Definitely no thorns in this rose!


Pizza lovers rejoice! This selection has ingredients that really shine. There were two variations that we couldn’t get enough of:


This delish mix of tomato sauce, mozzarella, stracchino cheese and fresh rosemary was simple and flavorful and definitely satisfied our cravings.


Mmm. Think tomato sauce, mozzarella, truffle cream, fresh mushrooms & Parmesan and you get the idea. These ingredients really stand out and blend perfectly to create the ultimate pizza experience.


Pssst! This gem is one of the specials that’s not on the regular menu, so make sure to ask for it! You can’t go wrong with a homemade pasta purse, stuffed with soft cheese and pear. Yum! Did we mention the rich, creamy, decadent part? And what’s even better? It’s placed on a bed of sweet gorgonzola, fresh arugula and shallot sauce, and topped with grated parmigiano cheese. Suddenly hungry again!


Yeah. We know what you’re thinking. It’s just a chicken dish, right? Well, the moist and flavorful factors elevate this chicken breast, stuffed with spinach and mild feta, to a whole new level. It’s rolled, breaded, and cut into medallions, served over a creamy spinach and feta sauce that we absolutely loved.



As most of you out there reading know, we never pass on dessert, no matter how pleasantly stuffed we may be. And we weren’t about to abandon tradition when it came to these sweet and creamy offerings that were the perfect icing on the proverbial cake. Both desserts had an authentic european style and flavor. Each was not too sweet, so you could actually taste the high quality ingredients. Sooo good!

Our Final Mouthful

With a wait staff that’s extremely friendly and welcoming, fantastic food, great wine, and good company, Fabio the Venetian ranks high on our list of fabulous foodie dinner experiences, and that’s saying quite a mouthful! Another bonus? Unlike many other good restaurants, they serve breakfast every day, including Panini sandwiches, eggs, and omelettes. The restaurant is the epitome of La Dolce Vita and we can’t wait to return and experience culinary nirvana all over again! Buon Appetito!


3471 N Federal Hwy, Oakland Park, FL 33306


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