Emerging Pop Artist Mush Lazar

By: Samuel Stewart
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Emerging Pop Artist Mush Lazar

Love Story - Artist: Mush Lazar - @mushlazar

Mush Lazar's journey towards becoming an artist was deeply rooted in his unwavering passion for the wonders of nature. Born in the year 1989, in Northern Israel, Mush grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. His family owned a hardware store which exposed Mush to a myriad of materials to explore. However, it was Mush's unyielding fascination with the nature and animals that truly set his muse. “I always loved animals. I had all types of pets growing up and I was always intrigued by their biology” Says Mush. His profound connection with animals led him towards a path that would intertwine his artistic endeavors with his insatiable curiosity for the intricate workings of the animal kingdom. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he embarked on a journey to study zoology, eager to unravel the mysteries that lay hidden within the vast tapestry of life.

Yet, fate had a different plan in store for Mush. As he was preparing to begin his masters, an unfortunate turn of events led to the diagnosis of Crohn's disease, a debilitating condition that forced him to relinquish his academic aspirations. His doctors, in their quest to alleviate his suffering, prescribed a life free from the clutches of stress. This unexpected twist of fate served as a resounding wake-up call for Mush, compelling him to reevaluate his path and redirect his unwavering dedication towards a new pursuit that would nourish his soul.

Ziggy Stardust - Photo Courtesy of Mush Lazar

With steadfast determination, Mush made the courageous decision to channel all of his research and creative energy into the realm of art. He viewed this shift as an opportunity to delve deeper into the recesses of his own being, to explore the profound connection between art and the human spirit.

"I've been drawn to pop culture long before encountering pop art" Says Lazar. "I appreciate the psychological impact that pop culture has on the human mind. People desire to be part of it because it offers a sense of glam and fame. If I can create a piece using my favorite palette and shiny textures that brings joy to an ordinary person, making them feel connected to something larger, then I believe I've fulfilled my role".

His unique creative style emerged as a result of his tireless exploration of the natural world, a testament to the countless hours he spent meticulously studying its intricate details and the composition of different materials, textures and palettes. “I am always evolving in my art - always using different mediums” says Lazar. I am a researcher at heart, so I am always exploring new materials”. His artwork, born from a fusion of scientific knowledge and artistic expression pushes boundaries and results in moving, inspiring, captivating art! Mush breathes life into his subjects, capturing their essence and inviting us to forge a deeper connection to what we experience.

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