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Cooks & Soldiers

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Cooks & Soldiers draws its inspiration from the people and the cuisine of the Basque Country in Spain and France. The Spanish call it Pais Vasco; the Basque say Euskal Herria. Regardless of nomenclature, it stands for thousands of years of fierce independence, cultural autonomy, and unrivaled cuisine. Pintxos are the Basque answer to tapas. From the word for “thorn,” a Pintxo is traditionally served on bread, pierced with a toothpick. Pintxo Bars represent the casual, convivial aspect of Basque dining, where guests order for the table over a glass of Txakoli (crisp, slightly bubbly Basque wine) or tart Basque cider. Pintxo Bars are loud, vibrant and celebrate the joy of companionship and conversation over the formality of coursed dining. Cooks & Soldiers seeks to recreate this environment with our Pintxos Tradicionales, served on toast, and our Pintxos Especiales, composed expressions from our chefs....

Address691 14th St
Atlanta,, GA 30318 Map

Phone Number404.996.2623

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