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Opened in 1986, Oystercatchers has been a local gem for over 3 decades, providing some of Tampa's best seafood, along with a locally beloved atmosphere. Well known to our regular crowd, our Sunday Brunch has been voted "Best Brunch in Tampa", for creating a unique twist to classical brunch items. Our Lunch and Dinner selections have been frequently acclaimed as well -known best for our seafood, we strive to use fresh, local ingredients throughout our entire menu, ensuring that flavor and quality are prioritized no matter what you order. Situated overlooking the beautiful Tampa Bay, and with a private dock, patio seating, and a wall of windows overlooking the water from the interior, the best seat in the house is any seat -whether you come for our views or for our food, we guarantee you'll leave with your next reservation in mind!

Address2900 Bayport Dr
Tampa, FL 33607 Map

Phone Number813.207.6815

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