Boca Black Box Celebrates Its 9th Year

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Boca Black Box Celebrates Its 9th Year

Boca Black Box proudly marks its ninth year as a thriving hub for exceptional music and comedy performance, solidifying its reputation as a premier entertainment destination. Boca Black Box is consistently delivering captivating music and comedy spectacles. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, it's evident that our theater has blossomed into a prominent cultural gem, enriching the community with top-tier entertainment. From one-of-a-kind musical acts that span multiple genres and eras to side-splitting comedy acts that leave audiences in stitches, Boca Black Box continues to curate unforgettable experiences that have solidified its reputation as a renowned platform for the arts.

Music Performance - Photo By: Boca Black Box

Navigating the uncertain waters of the entertainment industry during the challenging times of Covid was a formidable task. Yet, here we stand, three years later, having emerged stronger than ever before.

“We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support from our patrons, artists, and the community at large,” said Randy Singer, Owner of Boca Black Box Center for the Arts. “Over the past nine years, we have strived to create a space where people can come together to experience the joy of live music and comedy, leaving them with lasting memories.”

Boca Black Box Stage

Boca Black Box Bar

The upcoming 2023-2024 season promises to be truly exceptional! Prepare to be entertained by a stellar lineup of comedians, including the likes of Andrew Dice Clay, Tim Meadows, Modi, Elon Gold, and Vic Dibitett to name a few. The stage will resonate with the rich tapestry of music genres, ranging from timeless classic rock to the smooth rhythms of jazz and the vibrant beats of Latin music. Look forward to captivating performances from renowned artists such as Alfredo Rodriguez, Acoustic Alchemy, and the jazz virtuoso “Keiko Matsui.” Some of our most popular tribute bands will be taking the stage- Queen Flash: The Ultimate Queen Tribute, the David Clarks All About Joel: Billy Joel Tribute, Rock of Abba & Abbacadabra, Ultimate Floyd: The Tribute, The Pure Zeppelin Experience as well as original acts such as Vanilla Fudge. Whatever your musical or comedic preferences may be, rest assured that we have curated a lineup that caters to your every taste!

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