Activate Your Imagination at Young At Art Museum!

By: CultureOwl
Activate Your Imagination at Young At Art Museum!

YAA, an interactive art museum for all ages with immersive galleries designed to ignite your creativity in two curated spaces within the Broward Mall!

YAA’s mission is to enrich our community through artistic, interactive experiences for all ages which inspire creativity and encourage an understanding of the world in which we live. Step into the shoes of Alice and Wonderland in WonderScapes, a gallery dedicated to early childhood development, and walk into a larger-than-life tea kettle and cup! Learn about the history of graffiti art, murals, and artist collectives, and collaborations.

YAA supports experiential learning through the eyes of living artists. Experience interdisciplinary installations by contemporary artists that appeal to all five senses. View “Artist In-Stalls”; installations in 12 former retail changing rooms in rotating, immersive, and Instagram-worthy solo exhibitions of various artists. Play unique video games designed by artists and commissioned by the museum.

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