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The Discoveries Collection by Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami

The Discoveries Collection by Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami

December is the best month of the year! From Art Week to the holidays, there’s a lot to look forward to. While you’re experiencing Art Week, you can knock holiday shopping off your to do list. Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece for your home, shopping for a client, or looking for a gift, Spectrum Miami & Red Dot Miami has some spectacular pieces. 

You can also browse by shopping online from their Discoveries Collections. Their Discoveries Collection is a group of their favorite affordable pieces - each one agreat option and $5,000 or less. To buy any of these artworks, just contact the exhibitor directly or get your tickets to the shows and be there to grab that perfect piece.

Spectrum Miami features thousands of pieces of world-class art and on-trend, highly collectible works from across the U.S. and around the world at the show. One of our favorite pieces is “Confession” by Malcolm Smith in Booth S215.

Spectrum Miami listed some of their favorite pieces:

“Coffee or Me?” by Miri Marchese in Booth S515

“Kill a Bird Robin” by Jing Zhang, represented by Chat Art Studio in Booth 806

“Circus Glober” by Coco Calvoz in Booth S610

“Marilyn Manson into Rabbit” by Tom Lohner in Booth S605

Visit Spectrum Miami's Discoveries Collection here.

Red Dot Miami features galleries showcasing hundreds of pieces of world-class primary and secondary market works from the masters to today's most collectible artists from across the U.S. and around the world. One of our favorite pieces is “Above the Umbrellas” by Daniel Deladonne. 

Red Dot Miami listed some of their favorite finds: 

“Burning Water” by Kir Simakov, represented by the Kirill Simakov Collection in Booth 307

“Illuminate” by Rapheal Crump, represented by The Lawley Group in Booth 623

“Cappadocia 5 Spring Star Seeds” by Jerry Anderson represented by Agora Gallery in Booth 315

“Red # 6” by Karla Calassa, represented by Atelier Without Borders in Booth 408

Visit Red Dot Miami's Discoveries Collection here.

Happy Shopping!


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