The 2020 Florida Biennial Opens Friday November 6

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The 2020 Florida Biennial Opens Friday November 6

The Arts are coming back and we couldn't be happier! The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood has announced the 2020 Florida Biennial. The time is NOW is opening Friday, November 6, 2020 and will run through February, 21, 2021.

This tenth edition of the Center’s Biennial was juried by Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, Associate Curator for Collections and Exhibitions at the Orlando Museum of Art. 

"The 2020 Florida Biennial exhibition provides a space for contemplation, packed with meaningful information and reflections about the signs of our times,: said Claeysen-Gleyzon. "Through a plethora of mediums – from site-responsive installations, video, painting, sculpture, photography, to conceptual art – the 32 artists in the exhibition address themes that are often directly, or sometimes more loosely connected to this unusual year and current events, as well as general themes that define the recent developments and significant changes of our era." 

The Center received submissions from 239 artists based in 67 Florida cities, encompassing 22 counties throughout the state. Juror/guest curator Claeysen-Gleyzon reviewed nearly 680 artworks for the Biennial exhibition in the Main Gallery, and 123 proposals for the site-specific Artist Select solo exhibitions. Proposals for the Biennial were accepted from individuals who live, work, study or maintain a studio in Florida. 

Paul Shortt (Gainesville) and Mason Noelle (Tampa) were awarded the Artist Select solo exhibitions during this year’s Biennial. Shortt's Time and Emergency Signs offers a display of seemingly meaningless signs that are yet emblematic of the post-information age. Mason's site-specific installation work titled "Who are you that draws your veil across the stars?" has at its aim to offer to the gaze a contemplative “dark space” as a way to consider the concepts of both resistance and perseverance in the face of criminal institutional brutality. 

The following artists have been selected for the 2020 Florida Biennial:

  Liene Muller Bosqué

  Chris Clark

  Jen Clay

  Zoraye Cyrus

  Daniel Dobrow

  William Wesley Douglas III

  Clare Dygert

  Marina Font

  Jason Fronczek

  Jose Luis Garcia

  Lilian Garcia-Roig

  Francie Bishop Good

  Jeanne Jaffe

  Luke Jenkins

  Boy Kong

  Mär Martinez

  Russell Maycumber

  Christina Pettersson

  Sri Prabha

  Carol Prusa

  Sandra Ramos Lorenzo

  Aby Ruíz

  Leah Sandler

  Amy Schissel

  Tom Scicluna

  Mindy Shrago

  Sara Stites

  Nina Surel

  Daniel Verret

  Jacob Wan

  Carrington Ware

  Sandra Zanetti

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood galleries are open Tuesday - Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday - Sunday from Noon to 4 pm. The Center is closed on Mondays. Admission is $7 for adults, $4 for students and seniors and Free for members. For more information visit

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