Must See Art Curated By Sebastien Laboureau

Must See Art Curated By Sebastien Laboureau

Sebastien Laboureau holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Ecole des Mines de Paris and a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics. As a respected and independent expert on the art market, he has selected the following works of art exhibited during Art Week as among the best that need to be seen.

Title of Piece: Pumpkin
Artist: Yayoi Kusama
Date of Creation: 2000
Curator’s Statement: You can never go wrong with a beautiful pumpkin by star Japanese artist Kusama.
Medium Used: Screenprint, collage
Size(s): 11x18"
Presenting Gallery: Gallery Edel
Exhibited At: Red Dot Art Fair, Booth C108

Title of Piece: New York City
Artist: Juan Carlos Amaya, Emerging Artist
Date of Creation: 2015
City of Creation: Bogota, Colombia
Curator’s Statement: A very interesting pixelized artwork from a rising Colombian artist, full of color and of life, with a unique technique made of wood cubes.
Medium Used: Wood Cubes Assembled
Style of Piece: Pixelart
Size(s): 10 X 20 FT
Price: $60,000
Presenting Gallery: Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery
Exhibited At: Miami River Art Fair Booth 100

Title of Piece: "Fridge FudgePop Pooch"
Artist: Eric Michael Ginsburg
Date of Creation: May 2015
City of Creation: Miami, FL
Curator’s Statement: Believe it or not, dog portraiture has always been part of art history. Here is an example full of humor that will with no doubt catch the attention of any pet owner…
Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas
Style of Piece: Representational
Size(s): 24x24"
Price: $2,799
Presenting Gallery: Gallery onetwentyeight
Exhibited At: Fridge Art Fair Miami Beach

Title of Piece: From the series "A Quiet Man"
Artist: Andrew Salgado
Date of Creation: 2015
City of Creation: London
Curator’s Statement: Enticing portrait by a rising british artist with an intense, complex and vivid composition.
Medium Used: Oil on Canvas
Style of Piece: portrait
Presenting Gallery: Courtesy of Beers Contemporary, London
Website: /

Artist: Roy Rodriguez
Title of Piece: Dream in Orange
Date of Creation: 2014
City of Creation: Miami
Curator’s Statement: Vibrant colors, beautifully composed woman’s portrait from this talented Cuban artist based in Miami
Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas
Style of Piece: Contemporary
Size(s): 24 X 30
Prize: $2,300
Presenting Gallery: Roy Rodriguez Fine Arts
Exhibited At: Roy Rodriguez Fine Arts

Title of Piece: Geistlos 2
Artist: Udo Noger
Date of Creation: 2015
City of Creation: California
Curator’s Statement: Strong, abstract and whimsical painting from German acclaimed artist.
Medium Used: mixed media on canvas
Style of Piece: painting
Size(s): 75 x 96 in.
Presenting Gallery: Diana Lowenstein Gallery
Exhibited At: Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Title of Piece: Whole Wide World
Artist: Chad Weisser
Date of Creation: May 9, 2013
City of Creation: Manhattan NYC
Curator’s Statement: Gorgeous panoramic cityscape of NYC, the city of the constant lights, with a striking reflection on the east river.
Medium Used: Plexi Face Mounting with Metallic Paper
Style of Piece: Panoramic Cityscape, 140 images shot to make this panoramic.
Size(s): 7ft x 3 ft
Price: $6,500
Presenting Gallery: Gallery 212 Miami 2407 NW 2nd Avenue
Exhibited At: Gallery 212 Miami 2407 NW 2nd Avenue and at the official Pop Up "Art Without Borders" at 2127 NW 1st Avenue

Title of Piece: “The Awakening”
Artist: Wole Lagunju
Date of Creation: 2013
City of Creation: Winston Salem, NC
Curator’s Statement: African contemporary art is on the rise; a very interesting painting by a young nigerian artist.
Medium Used: Acrylic Paint
Size(s): 63 X 42 inches, acrylic paints on canvas
Exhibited At: Prizm Art Fair

Title of Piece: Tax Heaven
Artist: NOART
Date of Creation: 2014
City of Creation: Paris, France
Curator’s Statement: A very unique work with beautiful design. Who does not want an infinity flow of diamonds within a safe?
Medium Used: Aluminum, wood, LED lighting, mirrors, crystals
Style of Piece: conceptual, design, assemblage, infinity effect
Size(s): 32 x 32 x 12 in. (when closed)
Price: contact the gallery
Presenting Gallery: Waltman Ortega Fine Art | Miami - Paris
Exhibited At: Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Art Miami Context, Booth #CTX69

Title of Piece: Combrat Boy
Artist: Ron English
Date of Creation: 2015
City of Creation: Miami, Florida
Curator’s Statement: The iconic “street artist” Ron English surprises us with a very high tech renticular edition, full of humoristic details.
Medium Used: 3D lenticular archival inks on PETG plastic
Style of Piece: Contemporary Edition of 10 plus 3 A.P.
Size(s): 36’’x 24 dz
Presenting Gallery: Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
Exhibited At: INK Miami Art Fair

Title of Piece: “Fall (521-2)”
Artist: Gerhard Richter
Date of Creation: 1983
City of Creation: Viertes, Zurich
Curator’s Statement: A gorgeous abstraction from gerhard richter, one of the most expensive living artists today; bright colors, brilliant composition.
Medium Used: Oil on canvas
Size: 39.4x27.6 in., 100X70 cm
Exhibited At: Art Miami

Title of Piece: “Narcissus”
Artist: William Braemer
Date of Creation: 2013
City of Creation: Miami
Curator’s Statement: Very unique sculpture made with coins; a Narcissus who might propose a reflection between beauty and money…
Medium Used: Approximately 80,000 U.S. Pennies
Style of Piece: Figurative - Sculpture
Size(s): 35” H x 54” W x 30” D
Price: $25,000
Presenting Gallery: Art Fusion Galleries
Exhibited At: Art Fusion Galleries, 3550 North Miami Ave, Miami 33127

Title of Piece: Surface 68
Artist: Sara Carter
Date of Creation: 2015
City of Creation: Aureus Contemporary, Providence
Curator’s Statement: A whimsical abstraction by Sara Carter
Medium Used: Watercolour and Gouache on Paper
Size(s): 16x20 in (framed size 20x24 in)
Exhibited At: Aqua Art Fair

Title of Piece: Marie Antoinette
Artist: Susan Mclennan
Date of Creation: April 2015
City of Creation: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Curator’s Statement: A beautiful abstraction full of color and dramatic brushstrokes. Medium Used: Acrylic
Style of Piece: modern, contemporary, abstract
Size(s): 24”x24"
Price: $2,900
Presenting Gallery: Aldo Castillo Gallery
Exhibited At: Artspot International Art Fair within Spectrum, Miami 2015

Title of Piece: Untitled
Artist: Raphaelle Ricol
Date of Creation: 2014
Curator’s Statement: A very strong painting from a rising french artist; a flabbergasting reflection on our inner souls.
Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas
Size(s): 32x26 inches
Price: $10,000
Exhibited At: France Pavilion

Title of Piece: Bunny
Artist: Nadine Debien
Curator’s Statement: Nadine Debien surprises us with her humanoid series; very carefully composed colorful sculptures.
Medium Used: Epoxy Paint on Resin, sculpture /50
Size(s): 13 inches height
Price: $3,000
Exhibited At: France Pavilion


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