Must See Art

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Must See Art

There’s so much art to explore during Miami Art Week, where do you start?

While it may be impossible to visit every single fair and view every piece, we’re giving you a head start. Our illustrious Curator, Sebastien Laboreau, has been busy again this year, evaluating submissions from some of the most prestigious fairs, and providing his “don’t-miss” highlights. Be sure to download the CultureOwl app to easily access the guide and navigate to each Must See Art location to discover your new faves!

Xhosa Woman - Umfazi

Tony Gum

Size: 146 x 97cm

Medium Used: C-type fuji crystal archival print, dibond mounted

Style of Piece: Photography

Presenting Gallery: Christopher Moller Gallery

Exhibited at: PULSE Miami Beach

Curator’s Statement

No wonder why Vogue voted Tony Gum “The coolest girl in Cape Town”. This South-African photographer masters her art: whimsical, colorful, humoristic, an hymn to South African women’s beauty! A must see,

A must buy!

BlackWhole: Double Consciousness and the Singularity of Our Inner Light

Basil Kincaid

Size: 24" x 32"

Medium Used: Photography

Style of Piece: Photography

Price: $2,400

Presenting Gallery: Prizm Art Fair

Exhibited at: Prizm Art Fair

Curator’s Statement

Bazil Kincaid’s quest is to understand the wild tapestry of his own personal and cultural identity within the African Diaspora. He practices self exploration, historical investigation, and critical social questioning to cultivate healing on a personal and cultural level, towards the remedy of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome…


Ed Ruscha

Size: 30" x 22" 1/2 

Medium Used: Lithography

Style of Piece: Contemporary

Presenting Gallery: Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art 

Exhibited at: INK Miami Art Fair

Curator’s Statement

Ed Ruscha’s signature style combines words and images on the same visual field. By doing so, visual and verbal means of communication coexist and create a sense of friction. The words conjure mental images that do not necessarily describe what the eye actually sees in the painting.

Gold Digger 

Michael Reeder

Size: 49.5 x 39.5 cm

Medium Used: Mixed media on panel

Presenting Gallery: Thinkspace 

Exhibited at: SCOPE Miami Beach

Curator’s Statement

Michael Reeder’s figurative art explores concepts relating to identity. By constantly working in a free-flowing manner and allowing his subconsciousness unlimited scope within his creative process, Michael’s portraits remain open-ended; encouraging conversation and welcoming the projection of our own self-identities.

Celia Con Rolo

Anthony Peralta

Size: 38" x 28"

Medium Used: Acrylic on screen-print on canvas

Style of Piece: Pop Art

Price: $8,000

Presenting Gallery: Art Africa Miami

Exhibited at: Art Africa Miami

Curator’s Statement

POP ART has no frontiers in time, nor in geography. Exploring into his Dominican roots, Anthony Peralta is offering a fresh Pop Art version of his photographs. Colorful, delightful and joyful.

Quantum Computing Lesson on Titanus IV

Cedrik Cavallier

Size: 72" x 48"

Medium Used: Oil on canvas

Style of Piece: Surreal/Metaphysical

Price: $5,800

Presenting Gallery: France Pavillion 

Exhibited at: Superfine! - The Fair

Curator’s Statement

A surrealist painter who plunges the viewer into a different world; etherical, philosophical, full of colors and mastery construction. A refreshing vision on modern painting!

Light It Up

Tatiana Rajzman

Size: 60" x 60"

Medium Used: Acrylic on canvas

Style of Piece: Geometric Abstraction

Price: $4,500

Presenting Gallery: Tatiana Rajzman 

Exhibited at: Spectrum Miami

Curator’s Statement

Tatiana Rajzman, a fashion designer, who left behind the digital creations to enter the world of canvas is inspired by cubist and abstract elements. The artist creates geometric compositions that turn into figures "born" of overlapping lines.

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