Must See Art

Must See Art

Curated by Sebastien Laboureau

Twelve Vintage Cameras

Artist Name: Christopher Stott
Original or Edition: Original Oil on Canvas
Date Created: 2014
City Created: Canada, Vancouver

Curator’s Statement: Surprising oil on canvas, in the style of still life composition, but applying vintage photo cameras instead of the traditional fruits and various condiments used by masters…

About the Artist: Stott’s work is almost object portraiture, applying traditional still life compositions and lighting but ventures beyond time honored subject matter. The banal and ordinary subjects of his work are painted in a celebratory way, turning them into iconic vestiges of the not so distant past.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Price: $2,500
Presenting Gallery: Art Essex Gallery, Essex, CT
Exhibited at: Red Dot Art Fair

Union Jack Mini Cooper

Artist Name: Nick Veasey
Original or Edition: Original Photograph
Date Created: 2014
City Created: London

Curator’s Statement: Refreshing work full of humor, showing our favorite Union Jack Mini Cooper in the most unusual, never-before-seen manner.

About the Artist: Most Artist claim to delve beneath the surface of their subjects. But few have got the core of our being in quite the way that Nick Veasey has managed. Nick Veasey is based in London.

Medium: C-Type X-Ray Photographic Print
Size: 47 x 79 inches
Presenting Gallery: Evan Lurie Gallery
Exhibited at: Red Dot Art Fair

The Fashion Show

Artist Name: Giuseppe Piovesan
Date of Creation: 2014
City of Creation: Berlin

Curator’s Statement: A surprising fashion model, out of this world, with a colorful composition inspired from street art…

About the Artist: Born in Rio de Janeiro with Italian and Austrian heritage. Lived and studied in Paris and Berlin. Graduated in Fine Arts at UDK in Berlin and received a Master's degree in Fine Arts in Paris, followed by 5 years in Copenhagen and a year in London.

Medium: Mixed Media in Canvas
Style of Piece: Graffiti and Urban Art
Size: 130 X 100 cm
Price: $10,000
Presenting Gallery: Nina Torres Fine Art
Exhibited at: Miami River Art Fair

The Girl with the Robot Dog

Artist Name: Monique Lassooij
Original or Edition: Original
Date Created: June 25, 2014
City Created: Miami

Curator’s Statement: Our “Coup de Coeur” for this year, in homage to Old Dutch Masters, very impactful and inspiring oil on canvas revisited with the tools of our times…

About the Artist: "My vision is to maintain the integrity of my art while deleting as much superfluous detail as possible. Telling all of the story can be fun, but most of the time it is just distracting. I hone in to the details that inspire me to create"

Medium: Acrylics on stretched Canvas
Size: 30" x 40"
Price: $ 2,700
Presented by: Life is Art & Spectrum
Exhibited at: Spectrum, Booth S801

Noah's Ark

Title: Noah's Ark
Artist Name: Gustavo ('Tavo) Quiros
Original or Edition: Limited Edition Gyclee #1/1 on plexi dibond with gallery frame
Date Created: 2014
City Created: Orange County, CA

Curator’s Statement: Surprising composition, story-telling in the most surrealist style with an intricate humoristic set-up.

About the Artist: “My hallucinations have been the most trying obstacles I’ve ever encountered, though they have also proven to be a great inspiration for my work and in life. I have entitled this collection ‘Laboring under Delusions’. It features the angels and demons in my mind.”

Medium: Limited Edition Gyclee on plexi dibond with gallery frame
Size: 48x75 inches
Price: $6,000
Presenting Gallery: Gallery 212 Miami
Exhibited at: Gallery 212 Miami

Viciones de la Nueva Humanidad

Artist Name: Gerardo Gómez
Original or Edition: Original
Date Created: 2008
City Created: Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Curator’s Statement: Inspiring composition of forms and colors, an energetic oil full of symbolism, driven by a fertile, artistic imagination.

About the Artist: Gerardo Gómez is a self taught, young artist who introduced his work into the art world in 2008. His choice in juxtapositioning images, even if of figurative technique, portrays surreal and abstract formats, which explains his way of seeing the world in a bizarre and very unique manner.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 98 cm x 148 cm
Price: $5,500 Website:
Exhibited at: Gallery 212 Miami

Seek Mother

Artist Name: Andrew Ringler
Date Created: Late Summer 2014
City Created: from Cleveland , OH (created in North Miami Studio)

Curator’s Statement: A dialogue between generations in a well composed double-portraiture

About the Artist: "The art is, to him, an instrument of vague personal expression focusing on his history growing up in a rural Midwest town. This emotion is often expressed by work that lies outside of conventional notions of beauty."

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 72x48 inches
Price: $5400
Presenting Gallery: onetwentyeight
Exhibited at: Fridge art fair Miami

The Last Supper

Artist Name: Fabrizio Cestari
Original or Edition: Edition of 7
Date Created: 2011
City Created: Italy.

Curator’s Statement: A modern and humoristic interpretation of the so often revisited Last Supper, from a winner of a photography award.

About the Artist: The Last Supper is one of the series: SURFISM: A NEW RELIGION. It is a current series that keeps the value and the suffering of the Passion of Christ in a credible way without it being blasphemous. Every detail is attentively attended and the entire passion told by portraying the day of a brave surfer who tackles the sea.

Medium: Photography Size: 105 x 187 cm
Price: $ 12,000
Presenting Gallery: Ca' d'Oro Miami
Exhibited at: The Standard Hotel, Sense Beach House

Miami Street Photography

Finalist - Salvatore Matarazzo, Italy
Curator’s Statement: A universal message captured with humor within a story telling composition, there is no vulgarity at an older age.

Finalist - Stefano Mirabella, Italy
Curator’s Statement: A surprising “trompe l’oeil”, art handling can be dangerous for sure, the question is what that made on purpose for the photograph or was it captured by the photographer…


Artist Name: Tim Okamura
Original or Edition: original
Date Created: 2010
City Created: Brooklyn, NY

Curator’s Statement: An impressive oil on canvas, a modern portraiture in the style of old masters revisited by urban art.

About the Artist: Employing a traditional painting style interwoven with contemporary elements, Okamura pays homage to graffiti, components of his Brooklyn community, and the subjects’ psychology. While each portrait is uniquely individual, they speak to the humanity within the subject and the viewer.

Medium: Oil and mixed media on canvas
Size: 78 x 72 inches
Presenting Gallery: Yeelen Gallery Miami
Exhibited at: Yeelen Gallery

Paper Planes

Artist Name: Blue and Joy
Original or Edition: Original
Date Created: March 2014
City Created: Miami

Curator’s Statement: Original installation, illustrating the freedom of our spirits and souls, metaphorically represented by an aerial path of miniature planes such as the one we made when we were kids

About the Artist: Berlin based Italian art duo Fabio La Fauci and Daniele Sigalot have been working with multicolored aluminum sculptures reproducing paper airplanes. Ironic and conceptual, they have a constant confrontation about communication: verbal, visual, coded, allusive, but always revealing hidden messages combined to real emotions.

Medium: Spray on aluminum
Size: Size can vary between each work
Price: Small $ 3,700 Medium $ 7,500 Large $ 10,000 Letter
Spray on aluminum
Presenting Gallery and Exhibited: The Chill Concept at The Context Art Miami Fair

Dita Von Teese

Artist Name: Markus and Koala
Original or Edition: Edition of 8
Date Created: 2014

Curator’s Statement: Impactful photograph by its colorful composition and enticing subject

About the Artist: Renowned photographer, Markus Klinko (more commonly known as half of the photography team Markus + Indrani) has teamed up with multimedia artist, Koala to make some new amazing artworks.

Medium: Photography
Size: 50 x 63 inches
Price: $13,500
Presenting Gallery: Markowicz Fine Art
Exhibited at: National Hotel South Beach

Miraculous Equilibrium II

Artist Name: Sandro De La Rosa
Original or Edition: Original
Date Created: 2014
City Created: La Habana

Curator’s Statement: A poetic allegory of our lives and dreams, always in miraculous equilibriums, beautiful technique in the execution of this oil on canvas.

Artist Statement: Oneric Realism

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 52 x 78 inches
Price: $ 24,000
Presenting Gallery: Kavachnina Contemporary
Exhibited at: Context Art-Miami

From Miami Views Collection # 6

Artist Name: Nacho Alcazar
Original or Edition: Original
Date Created: 2013
City Created: Madrid, Spain

Curator’s Statement: Large scale artwork that invites you to a voyage…

Artist Statement: Contemporary Drawing

Medium: Vinyl on Wall
Size: 72 x 92 inches
Price: $5,000
Presenting Gallery: Kavachnina Contemporary
Exhibited at: Kavachnina Contemporary


Artist Name: Daniel Caro
Original or Edition: Unique and Original
Date Created: 2014
City Created: Mexico

Curator’s Statement: An oil on canvas that plays with our senses through its precise multi-dimensional technique

About the Artist: Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1986, Daniel Caro is a self taught artist. His latest series incorporates paper figures in compositions, breaking the pattern of traditional still life paintings and creating classical realistic compositions with modern aspects that place his artwork into the contemporary art world. Caro's works are a display tribute to the classic medium of oil on canvas as an expressive form using realism as a method of representation.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 32 x 32 inches
Price: $6,000
Presenting Gallery: Galeria Del Sol
Exhibited at: Galeria Del Sol


Artist Name: Shaunte Gates
Date Created: 2012

Curator’s Statement: An ambiance of end of the world…

Artist Statement: My work illustrates after effects of collisions between fantasy and reality. Some pieces expose the frenzy and momentum of a dream, others the pain of stillness. Within these entropic scenes, I merge paint and photography to harmonize the dichotomies of reality and fantasy. Through a fantastic lens; the aim is to capture an allegory of psychological effects on society due to the implementation of propaganda via media, economic, political and religious structures. I primarily focus on the individual and their personal conflicts within these structures. A viewer encounters a subject on the verge of something and is left to imagine their fate. Through the manipulation of light and depth and movement, the energy of the human psyche becomes the narrative.

Medium: Mixed Media / Painting / Collage
Size: 38 x 24
Price: $6,500
Exhibited at: Prizm Art Fair


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