Museum of Graffiti chats with ATOMIK and other events

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Museum of Graffiti chats with ATOMIK and other events

Art hubs are creating more and more ways for us to stay connected culturally. The Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) launched #WynAtHome earlier this month. It's a virtual series on its popular @WynwoodMiami Instagram and Facebook channels in which they share live videos, stories and other never-before-seen content with its followers around the world.

The Museum of Graffiti returns to #WynAtHome, taking over Wynwood’s official Instagram (@WynwoodMiami) for a live Q+A session with the iconic local artist, ATOMIK. Best known for his grinning-orange graffiti signature, ATOMIK has given color to the streets of Miami for nearly 20 years.

Other upcoming #WynAtHome performances and photos/videos for coverage:

Thursday, April 23 at 7 PM: 1-800-Lucky will be hosting a Live DJ set.

Friday, April 24 at 7 PM: Museum of Graffiti will be hosting a Live Q&A session with graffiti artist, ATOMIK.

Saturday, April 25 at 8 PM: Racket will be hosting a Live DJ set featuring DJ Miner.

Sunday, April 26 at 10 AM: SOL Yoga will be hosting a Live yoga session.

Sunday, April 26 8 PM: El Patio returns with their weekly DJ set hosted by Mr. Pauer.

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