FAAM’s Street Art Week & Auction Makes a Splash

FAAM’s Street Art Week & Auction Makes a Splash

February 11th – 14th

BritWeek has partnered this year with the Miami based Auction House, FAAM (Fine Art Auctions Miami), for the 2016 Annual Street Art Week Event in Febuary. From February 11th to 14th, various Street Art Events will take place in partnership with the British Consulate-General, Arts & Business Council of Miami, Guntram von Habsburg Foundation, Walt Grace Vintage, Pommery, the Miami Club Rum, and Miami Dade College, among many others. The event features major contemporary street artists, such as Tom Bindle (aka Inkie), who will perform during a long weekend celebration of Street Art, including a special Valentine’s Sunday at the Miami Club Rum.

Nowadays, street art is everywhere, not only on the streets, but also in galleries, and auction houses. Street art is a “narrative art,” rooted within our everyday lives, delivering societal messages and characterizing the way our civilization is evolving.

Also known as “Urban Art,” this art form is so relevant today because artists choose to use the streets as their books and walls as their pages, in order to communicate directly with the public at large, free from any constraints and any subjective selection from the art world. This is often accomplished by showing socially relevant content infused with aesthetic value, to attract attention, and also to raise awareness of emotional, political and social issues.

FAAM’s Street Art Week aims to introduce an exciting platform for artists from the urban genre to exchange ideas and creations in an open forum, where masterpieces can be immortalized through dialogue between viewers and artists. As a long standing public art form voicing the temperaments and opinions of the youngest generations, Urban Art has been recognized as a fine art form and is developing into one of the most exciting sectors of the art market. This Street Art auction will introduce iconic works to the world, giving voice to strong messages.

Frédéric Thut, founder of FAAM, seeks to enrich and diversify Miami’s art market and art community by promoting emerging and established talents in street art. FAAM’s objective is to focus the global spotlight achieved through the auction on these local artists that have contributed to the rise of Wynwood as a Street Art Mecca.

The Live Auction will take place at the end of a 3 day live program of events on February 13th, at the very special location of Walt Grace Vintage in Wynwood, 224 NW 27th Street. For this 2016 Edition, FAAM, in conjunction with the Street Art Specialist, Sebastien Laboureau, has selected works from some of the top international artists in the field, including Ron English, Keith Haring, Kaws,
 Crash, Faile, and Banksy. The auction will also include artwork by local Miami street art legends, such as Hoxxoh, Abstrk,
Quake, Luis Berros, and Atomik.

Program for FAAM Street Art Week & Auction 2016, February 11th – 14th :

Thursday Night, February 11th
Collectors’ Dinner Hosted by Arts & Business Council and Dinner Lab
Friday Night, February 12th
Walt Grace Vintage Concert & Live Painting
Saturday Night, February 13th
FAAM Live Auction with Pommery Champagne Cocktail Party and Performances
Sunday, February 14th
BritWeek & FAAM - Valentine’s Sunday
At Miami Club Rum (2320 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127)
Auction Previews & Live Painting by prominent and influential artists
Location : Walt Grace Vintage in Wynwood (224 NW 27th Street, Miami)
Hours : Open Daily
 to public from 11AM – 7PM
For more information, visit


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