ArtServe Serves Up Some Color at the Fort Lauderdale Home Show!

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ArtServe Serves Up Some Color at the Fort Lauderdale Home Show!

May 26-29, 2017

ArtServe joins forces with the Home Design and Remodeling Show to present "Color My World," a part of #AtHomeWithArt, an artist encounter project, on Memorial Day Weekend at the Broward County Convention Center.

ArtServe, the award-winning non-profit arts incubator, will showcase “Color My World” -- an exhibition featuring some of South Florida’s most prestigious artists, highlighting works that can bring color, life, personality and pleasure to any home. Jorge Vasquez, Artist Relations at ArtServe will curate the exhibit. AroundTown Magazine began the #AtHomeWithArt project several years ago and is pleased to see it continue.

“Presenting an array of local artists at the Home Show allows us to take art out of a gallery and into the public realm,” says ArtServe CEO Jaye Abbate. “Whether you are an excited new homeowner, a downsizing empty-nester, a time-strapped business executive looking to open a new office, or a frazzled new parent getting ready to add in a nursery, exhibiting at the Home Show exposes everyone to high caliber art work in a convenient location, and in a context that will help them visualize how one or two pieces of original work can alter and enhance their living space.”

Discovering how each artist reimagines the most mundane aspects of daily life gives the public a deep insight into the power of art to dramatically impact or transform the ambience of any dwelling. Along with the small sampling of art on display, most of the artists also do commissioned pieces that are specifically created to each client’s specifications. Even the exhibition title, “Color My World,” is a metaphor for how the art works on display instantly become reflective of their new buyer when integrated into their world – be it a home, office, a studio or a public setting.

“Nothing is more exciting than meeting one-on-one with prospective buyers, talking to them about how they live, what kind of music they like, what type of interests they have, and finding the work that speaks to them,” says pop artist Ed King, who by day is the creative content manager at ArtServe. “Having art in an unexpected setting like the HOME SHOW can create new customers today, while also cultivating the collectors, cultural taste-makers and art patrons of tomorrow.”

To date, over 100 South Florida artists have participated in the Home Show’s #AtHomewithArt artist encounter program. This year’s participating artists will include: Lee Berlin, Dan Bondroff, Kevin Doyle, Ernesto Kunde, Ed King, and Trudy Kubler. Find out more about “Color My World” and the Home Show by calling 305.667.9299 and/or visiting

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