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After more than a decade of connecting our readers with comprehensive cultural programming and experiences in South Florida’s thriving cultural community, we’ve decided to embrace the winds of change and soar under our new brand, CultureOwl. Beginning with our September issue, AroundTown Arts & Culture Magazine will officially emerge as CultureOwl Magazine, and we couldn’t be more excited about our new name!

The amazing success of AroundTown as a cultural publication led to the creation of the CultureOwl brand last year, which provides an individualized online experience for discovering local arts & culture events that suit specific lifestyles and interests. CultureOwl is part of our exciting new vision to expand to new markets beyond the South Florida area, allowing people across the country to experience culture their own way. This bold new direction also includes our recently released mobile app, which allows users to carry a world of culture in their pocket while on the go.

With much of the content in AroundTown Magazine already integrated into CultureOwl, a merging of the two under the CultureOwl brand is a natural step forward. “Rather than creating an online version of the magazine, we designed a robust digital platform completely from scratch that allows visitors to customize their experiences and view/search events based on their preferences and lifestyle,” says AroundTown Magazine Publisher, Amy Sherit. “Whatever your preference of engagement, portal, app, or good old-fashioned tangible magazine, the CultureOwl brand allows you to #ExperienceCultureYourWay and live a more colorful, artful and creative life.”

So what does the name change mean to all of our loyal readers? Aside from the magazine’s title makeover, you will continue to receive all of the familiar, comprehensive cultural listings and editorial content you’ve grown to depend on over the past decade. We’ll continue to help you navigate South Florida’s flourishing cultural landscape without missing a beat.

If you haven’t already created a CultureOwl account, visit or download the app in the App Store or Google Play. As a member, you will receive the scoop on hidden cultural gems, personalized recommendations based on your specified interests, exclusive VIP perks, special offers and discounts for events & restaurants, and more!

Look for the new CultureOwl title on the cover of the September issue at bookstores or wherever you’re used to picking up your copy of AroundTown Magazine. Join us as we leave the nest and begin a thrilling new phase in our journey to make the arts accessible to all!

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