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There’s so much art to explore during Miami Art Week, where do you start?

While it may be impossible to visit every single fair and view every piece, we’re giving you a head start. Our illustrious Curator, Sebastien Laboreau, has been busy again this year, evaluating submissions from some of the most prestigious fairs, and providing his “don’t-miss” highlights. Be sure to download the CultureOwl app to easily access the guide and navigate to each Must See Art location to discover your new faves!


By Ruby Mazur


Medium Used: Oil on canvas 

Style of Piece: Abstract

Price: Undisclosed

Presenting Gallery: Ruby Mazur Rock & Pop Gallery


Exhibited at: Red Dot Miami

Curator’s Statement 

How refreshing it is to enter the colorful and joyful artistic universe of Ruby Mazur. At the age of 21, Brooklyn born Mazur was hired as Art Director of Paramount Records, and within that first year he received a Grammy award nomination for his design on the "CrowFoot" album cover. The artist, very involved with the music industry is sharing his love for music and musicians through canvases that amaze the viewer by their intricate composition and ample use of dense colors.

light my fire

By Sveta Esser

Size: 55 x 54 inches

Medium Used: Canvas

Presenting Gallery: Blue Gallery


Exhibited at: SCOPE

Curator’s Statement 

Working with her palette knife, Sveta Esser mixes her colors before she puts them on the canvas. And, depending on the light she is capturing in an individual painting will use oil or acrylic. Using old techniques, her works are nevertheless a symphony of contemporary colors. The moment she starts work on a painting she is lost in its substance. Her paintings are fascinating, this one about pixelism obviously makes you wonder about our current civilization centered around selfies and where the immediateness takes over substance…

Keeping it real

By Niels Meulman

Size: 180 x 130 cm

Medium Used: Acrylic on Linen

Style of Piece: Calligraffiti 

Presenting Gallery: Museum of Graffiti


Exhibited at: Museum of Graffiti

Curator’s Statement 

GREAT NEWS! The Museum of Graffiti, a new contemporary art museum opening in Miami’s graffiti mecca for Miami Art Week 2019, will sit down the block from the area’s big tourist attraction, Wynwood Walls.

The 3,000-square-foot space comes from graffiti pioneer-curator Alan Ket, and will showcase older paintings and murals that plunge into the history of the graffiti-art movement, which is now seen and accepted as a major artistic movement of the second part of the XXth Century.

self portrait on float

By Derrick Adams

Size: 40 x 40 inches

Medium Used: Woodblock, Gold Leaf, Collage

Style of Piece: Contemporary Limited Edition Print

Price: Upon request

Presenting Gallery: Tandem Press


Exhibited at: INK Miami Art Fair

Curator’s Statement 

Derrick Adams is a New York-based artist whose critically admired work spans painting, collage, sculpture, performance, video, and sound installations. His multidisciplinary practice engages the ways in which individuals’ ideals, aspirations, and personae become attached to specific objects, colors, textures, symbols, and ideologies. Adams is deeply immersed in questions of how African American experiences intersect with art history, American iconography, and consumerism. Most notably in his Floater series, he portrays Black Americans at leisure, positing that respite itself is a political act when embraced by black communities. Very interesting visual for Miami where this statement is not necessarily viewed as a political act.

the hunter

By Stephen Cawston

Medium Used: Skeletons with

24 Carat Gold

Presenting Gallery: Bel Air Fine Art


Exhibited at: CONTEXT

Curator’s Statement 

It took the artist over 7 years to source materials, work out the engineering, and find Skeletons to create an extraordinary unique collection. The viewer cannot stay indifferent to those life size sculptures covered with 24 Carat Pure Gold. Reuniting Humans and other species, Stephen reanimates the skeletons, and puts them in a living situation. Cannot be missed!


By Michael Tyka

Medium Used: Video Art / Artificial Intelligence

Style of Piece: EONS is a short animation, a moving painting, a music video and an experiment in creating narrative using neural nets: The Generative Adversarial Net BigGAN (Andrew Brock et al.) was used to create visuals, while the Music was composed by the Music Transformer neural network (by Anna Huang et al.)

Price: $.5l; 1/100 Limited Editions

Presenting Gallery: Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF) Miami


Exhibited at: CADAF Miami at Mana Wynwood

Curator’s Statement 

We are at the frontier between art and science with the use of Artificial Intelligence and creation of narratives through neural networks… In 2015, the artist created some of the first large-scale artworks using neural networks, such as Iterative DeepDream and co-founded the Artists and Machine Intelligence program at Google. In 2017 he collaborated with Refik Anadol to create a pioneering projection installation using Generative Adversarial Networks: "Archive Dreaming". His series "Portraits of Imaginary People" has been shown at ARS Electronica in Linz, Christie's in New York and at the New Museum in Karuizawa, Japan.

medicine is changing

By Peter Stenfanldes M.D.

Size: 12 x 18 inches

Medium Used: Digital drawing over stock medical photograph (photographed by Val Lawless)

Style of Piece: Print 1/3

Price: $300

Presenting Gallery: Fridge Art Fair


Exhibited at: Fridge Art Fair

Curator’s Statement 

Born in 1976 and raised in Garden City, NY, Pete is a physician (specializing in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) as well as a self-taught visual artist. He uses art and creates visually appealing artworks to cover a range of issues related to physical fitness, health, and wellness. Multi-talented artist, he loves making mixed media paintings, digital drawings, photographs, as well as sculptures, all filled with humor and resonating with a good intention, it is very refreshing and original.


By Jean-Francois Rauzier

Size: 58 x 91 inches

Medium Used: C-Print mounted on aluminum, edition of 8

Presenting Gallery: Waterhouse & Dodd Fine Art


Exhibited at: www.artmiami.com

Curator’s Statement

Jean-Francois Rauzier is an internationally acclaimed photographer, who has had museum shows all over the world. Rauzier's work transforms reality; it fascinates us with its scale and takes the viewer on a journey through the visible world. The artist uses thousands of high-resolution close-ups views and stitches them into his large compositions, maintaining the focus and sharpness of the smallest detail. His work is just fascinating.

Symbols of womanhood

By Prince Gyasi

Size: 24 x 18 inches 

Medium Used: Photography: Fuhi Crystal Brilliant, Edition of 10 + 4APs

Price: Upon Request

Presenting Gallery: NIL Gallery

Website: www.pulseartfair.com

Exhibited at: PULSE Art Fair

Curator’s Statement 

Immediately upon seeing Ghanaian artist Prince Gyasi’s photo prints, one is struck by the soulful and vibrant colors. Colors are an essential element in Gyasi’s work. His vivid hues are more than aesthetically appealing because for Gyasi, “color can serve as a therapy, it can treat depression and transform emotions”. Prince creates images that are bold, hopeful and tell the stories of marginalized individuals who are often pushed aside in society. Most ofhis images are created in his hometown of Accra, using the surrounding landscapes and community as his muse.


By Robert Leone

Medium Used: Drawing and Prints.

Presenting Gallery: RLEONE


Exhibited at: SPECTRUM

Curator’s Statement 

Robert Leone is a self-taught artist who blends multiple artistic styles to create hyper-realistic drawings of contemporary cultural icons. When someone looks at one of his drawings often times their first impulse is to believe that it is a photograph. But upon closer examination one can see that there is a depth and resonance that cannot come from a photo. The technique is just extremely impressive. Robert Leone creates an original hand-free drawing on paper based on a publicly available photograph.

And then, for each completed drawing, a limited edition set of prints is created into three different standard sizes, the large one is very impactful.

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