Arts Garage announces new virtual arts series, From Our HeARTS to Your Homes

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Arts Garage announces new virtual arts series, From Our HeARTS to Your Homes

There are so many things to do virtually these days! Arts Garage announced their new virtual series, "From Our HeARTS to Your Homes," where arts fans can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

"From Our HeARTS to Your Homes" will include live musical performances, arts education classes, poetry and comedy, featuring some amazing young performers, such as Matt Brown, Brandii Edwards, Indigo Dreams, and Valerie White. Viewers will also have access to exclusive interviews, blogs, and more.

“This new series is our response to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused many businesses and arts institutions to temporarily close their doors, including Arts Garage,” says Waldo. “But we refuse to let this virus stop the music and art, which can be truly transformative, giving us joy and hope and helping to heal all that is broken. If ever there has been a time for healing, it’s right now.

“Best of all—this series is FREE. No ticket purchase is necessary to enjoy it,” she adds. “Every artist has donated their time and talent working with Arts Garage to keep our patrons close and energized by the magic of the ARTs. This is our way to serve the community that has supported this venue for so long by connecting people to the world through the arts—even if it is from the comfort of their own couches—as Arts Garage brings them some of the biggest-heARTed performers ever.”

To enjoy this new virtual series, just subscribe to the Arts Garage newsletter or follow Arts Garage on YouTube.

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