Through New Eyes by Nava Lundy

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Through New Eyes by Nava Lundy

Through New Eyes by artist Nava Lundy

The Fort Lauderdale International Airport unveils Terminal 2 Art Gallery inaugural exhibition "Through New Eyes" by local artist Nava Lundy.

Lundy is a nationally recognized artist best known for her series of large-scale paintings of Muses, which are Greek goddesses of poetic inspiration, featuring strong, intriguing and captivating women, and more recently for her hyper-colored paintings of animals.

Located post-security, the Terminal 2 Art Gallery displays a series of animal paintings in the north area and a series of paintings inspired by Muses in the south gate area. The artwork, created exclusively for this exhibit, is layered with nuanced color and texture. Additionally, a three-dimensional element gives it a sense of tactile energy.

"Lundy's exhibition brings a sense of joy and excitement to the space with its bright colors and themes that are accessible to all age groups," said Phil Dunlap, Director of Broward Cultural Division. "The rotating nature of these exhibits will also provide a dynamic program featuring our local talent, which we hope passengers and employees alike will enjoy for years to come."

"What a great way to ring in the new year with the opening of this wonderful gallery in the newly upgraded Terminal 2," said Mark Gale, FLL CEO/Director of Aviation. "We hope that these exhibits allow passengers to experience the cultural richness of our community while promoting our local artists by sharing their work with hundreds of thousands of passengers." 

A Broward County resident, wife and mother of three, Lundy paints out of her home studio in Parkland, FL. She received national recognition when immediately following the Parkland mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she tried to comfort her 17 grieving neighbors by painting and donating portraits of their loved ones.

Since 2009, FLL has dedicated space in Terminal 2 to showcase and promote the work of local artists. To date, almost 20 artists have had one-person shows. The Terminal 2 Art Gallery, completed in December, will rotate exhibitions every six months, and artists from Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties are eligible to participate. 

"Through New Eyes" is a collaborative exhibition presented by FLL and the Cultural Division's Public Art & Design program. 

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