Momentum Grows for the Arts Community in Tampa

By: CultureOwl
Momentum Grows for the Arts Community in Tampa

Smith & Associates Real Estate Foundation has made a long-term commitment to the arts in Tampa through a three-year agreement to provide funding the Tampa Arts Alliance.

"We are pleased to work closely with the Tampa Arts Alliance. As a long-time supporter of the arts, we know that a community thrives when it blends the best of its artistic talents with all the other attributes that the city embodies. Creative diversity and opportunities bring value to our neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life for our residents," says Bob Glaser, President and CEO, Smith & Associates Real Estate.

The Smith & Associates Real Estate Foundation was established in March 2021 to act as a philanthropic arm of the company. The company and its employees are actively engaged in a number of causes throughout the Bay Area.

There is growing enthusiasm in the community for helping build the arts in Tampa. Every contribution of time, expertise and money has reaffirmed our mission to support the arts. 

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