Max’s Social House

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Set in a cottage built in 1925, SOHO is firmly nestled in historic Delray Beach folklore. Once, known as the “Falcon House” for its early inhabitants, this charming, quaint little slice of gastronome heaven opens itself up beautifully to reveal an amazing atmosphere of dining and conversation that’s always sure to be a great time! Max’s signature quality and heritage is graciously stamped on every single plate that enters the SoHo dining room! Local. Seasonal. Sustainable. These are all hallmarks in their globally inspired and stunningly crafted cuisine. So whether it’s happy hour, dinner, or a late night stop, SoHo’s kitchen is guaranteed to be just what the foodie ordered! SoHo’s offers thoughtfully fabricated small batch artisanal spirits and infusions made with organic juices and fresh hand-picked garnishes, all prepared by a friendly and knowledgeable team of bar-chefs.

Address116 NE 6th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483 Map

Phone Number561.501.4332

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