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Whether you’re a local or visitor, single or married with kids, you’ll find the iconic experience you’re looking for inside the Centennial Park District. Walkable, safe, vibrant and fun, you’ll find world-class attractions, renowned dining, exquisite hotels and a host of entertainment options all nestled around Centennial Olympic Park. Anchored by Centennial Olympic Park, the Centennial Park District is downtown Atlanta’s premiere entertainment district. Featuring entertainment venues, restaurants, lounges, hotels, professional sports teams, businesses and residential homes, the Centennial Park District’s unique experiences make it the ideal escape from the routine. Date night to a day with the family, happy hour with coworkers or cheering the Falcons to victory with 71,000 of your closest friends, the Centennial Park district is where iconic memories are made.

Address 84 Walton Street, NW #500
Atlanta GA, 30303 Map

Phone Number 404.658.1877

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