The Atlanta Opera Brings Valhalla to the Southeast

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The Atlanta Opera Brings Valhalla to the Southeast

The Journey Behind the Scenes

The journey behind the scenes of an opera often echoes that of our onstage heroes. Rather than facing dragons, The Atlanta Opera has instead confronted the challenge of making fantasy a reality. Armed not with magical helms and powerful rings, we've come prepared with the amazing artistic team behind 2020's Salome to bring Valhalla to the Southeast.

Photo by: The Atlanta Opera

Set and projection designer Erhard Rom creates stage projections that spring from a dramaturgical need. Necessary to the story and providing context that just cannot be accomplished any other way, the projections engulf the performers in the setting of myth and imagination in a way that no other medium can deliver.

“If a backdrop becomes animated, the setting suddenly goes beyond the impact of a painted backdrop, for example, and that movement becomes part of the drama,” Rom explains. 

Photo by: The Atlanta Opera

You won't want to miss your chance to see vast imaginary worlds from myth and legend come to life as never before in The Atlanta Opera's production of Das Rheingold.

Experience the legend — get your tickets now!

April 29 - May 7 at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

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