Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami return to Art Week with a Vengeance

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Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami return to Art Week with a Vengeance

After a 24-month hiatus, Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami celebrated a global showcase in contemporary art during Miami Art Week at Mana Wynwood Convention Center, December 1-5, reporting excellent sales and superb attendance over the five-day indulgence that marked the 11th and 16th editions respectively.

To mark the opening of the contemporary art, culture and entertainment experience, the annual Opening Night Preview Party took place on Wednesday, December 1st, presented by the fairs’ lead sponsors Pommery Champagne and Artsy. Hundreds of the world’s most affluent art dealers, collectors, artists, gallery owners, curators and art enthusiasts attended the opening night extravaganza for a first look at the inspirational works by the more than 170+ exhibiting artists and galleries from around the world.

'This year's fairs saw a very captive audience over the five days during Miami Art Week,' says Eric Smith, president of Redwood Art Group. 'Through the long-standing relationships with our arts and cultural partners, we enjoyed a robust attendance by those who were ready to re-immerse themselves in the art world again, after a two-year hiatus and more than a year of seclusion. Our exhibitors across both shows reported excellent sales and a very enthusiastic clientele of visiting collectors who were keen to see the new and emerging creativity on offer. We look forward to presenting our year-round series of fairs across the country in 2022 and returning to Miami again next year with an even bigger experience. I'd like to thank all our sponsors, partners and patrons for helping to make our return to Wynwood such a success.'

Guests at Spectrum Miami were greeted in the Radisson RED Lobby by Luminanda, a special Water Sculpture by Damien Jones, depicting the renewal magic of water, while grooving to the lively tunes of Miami's favorite new DJ Joey Paradis, who welcomed attendees on arrival.

Spectrum's theme, [DOUBLE TAKE], served as inspiration for the 125+ exhibitors that featured the hottest independent career artists, studios, and younger galleries. Collectors and art lovers alike were definitely paying attention, slowing down, and looking closer than ever at the abundance of art around every corner.

Highlights from Spectrum Miami include:

 The Know Going Back Tour, dedicated to bringing community together through art, culminated at Spectrum Miami with Tom Franco, Alan Chin and their amazing crew of artists creating artwork daily that made attendees take a second look.

 Acclaimed 3D Pop Artist Fazzino was on hand in Booth 418 with his newest originals and prints. His work is in museums and private collections around the world — and several collectors added his work to their collection.

 Michael Alfano at Alfano Sculpture, Booth S304, made his Spectrum Miami return with more of his amazing sculptures — from large to small.

 Inspired by the visual arts and cues from collectors, Shana Roark was the Super Girl at Surfergirl Gallery, Booth 509. She wrote poems for collectors on the spot on her typewriter as a keepsake.

 Topo Chico made gusts look with the unexpected and daily live demonstrations. Attendees sipped a Topo Chico water while watching artists Dave L, Corey Pane, Jenna Efrein, and Natasha Tomchin create their next work of art.

While collectors sipped Pommery Champagne, artists and galleries received special honors as recipients of this year's awards, with the following winners:

Spotlight Award:

Renata Cuellar

Renssen Gallery

Surfergirl Gallery

Jayson Fate Art

Lonell Nellessen

Paul McDermott

Directors Award:

Ken Orton Gallery

Kevin Deuso Art

DeCluuz Gallery

Best Booth Design:

Roberta Ruocco

Karin Brauns Art

End to End Gallery

Christina Sodano

Angela Fabbri and Adam Land

Mecenavie Gallery

Best Sculpture:

Pigment international - Woodrow Nash & Gerald Griffin

Aaron Paskins

Alliage Contemporary Art Design

Alfano Sculpture

Silber & Jones Fine Art

Best New Exhibitor:

22 Portals - The Art of Mel Brown

Brandon Clarke Designs

Brian Poli-Dixon

Les Panchyshyn

Act Contemporary | Ron Miller

Best International Exhibitor:

J B H Jacqueline H-Botquelen

Corvus Re

Monica Avayou

Juana De Arte Galeria

South Trip Art Gallery

Best [SOLO] Exhibitor:

Evelyn Ortiz Photography

Paul McDermott

Pop Basel

Thomas Elias Lockhart III

Spectrum Miami exhibitors were pleased to see so many collectors, and the number of sales and commissions reported throughout the show this year was impressive, as were the gallery placements by [SOLO] artists. Here is a sampling of highlights from this year's exhibitor sales:

 Renssen Art Gallery definitely made people take a second look and got the fair off to a great start with their Opening Night sale of a Picasso original and subsequent sales of 14 other works.

 Artblend had an impressive booth and reported substantial sales, including Doug Powell's iconic keyboard art Picasso. I Do Not Seek, I Find placed at $24,500, artist Jason Sauer's sold out work, multiple artist sales, plus reports of multiple after-fair sales.

 It was pleasure to host Paris gallery Mecenavie once again and see their sales success with multiple artists, including Elka Peradze, Heather Lynn, Dubure Richard, and others.

 Artist Charles Fazzino's 3-D Pop Art was a hit with multiple sales, including Star of Unity, Perfectly Palm Beach, Money, and several others.

 Karin Brauns new prints of her popular Heartbeats of the Wild Collection were a big success, selling 12+ pieces, along with several of her originals.

 [SOLO] artist Vicky Dreams was pleased to place her Dandelion and Marilyn works with collectors.

 Kevin Grass' Lame Ducks Collection drew lots of attention and both Lame Ducks and What the Duck? are now in private collections.

 First time exhibitor Chlan Grant's reverse painted originals definitely caused a few double takes - and wound up in new homes, including Cleopatra, Between US, Ophelia, Champions, and three others.

 Gerald Griffin's work showcased by Pigment International was a hit and one of his sculptures was placed at $12,000.

 As usual ArtNWordZ was busy throughout the fair and sold multiple pieces ranging in price from $600 to $6,000, including Hello Dali, The Unbeatables, Frida Rose, Marilyn Forever, The Dancer, and many others.

Stepping into the Radisson RED Lobby on entering Red Dot Miami, guests were greeted by Love Cubes Violet Fusion, a special Monumental Sculpture by Hugo Diaz, as they were welcomed by the wide range of tunes by DJ Joey Paradis.

Informed by the curatorial theme [REVEAL], each Red Dot booth was filled with canvases, sculptures, and photographs created by artists who pursue truth and attempt to reveal what they discover, uncovering truths about how the world works, and helping us frame a better picture of our human nature.

Highlights from Red Dot Miami include:

 The Language of Light Art Series, a creative collaboration between Julia Ross and Kiki Zais in Art Gallery Pure's Booth R102, showed how the combination of color and art can reveal about each of us.

 Zukunft Galerie and artist Adam Rote unveiled the Priscilla Presley edition of the Hollywood Sign Collection in Booth R215 to Priscilla Presley herself! Ms. Presley was so please she came back twice to be part of the celebration

 NFTs are all the buzz, demonstrated by Kris Gebhardt at Gebhardt Gallery, as well as K-Art Projects USA with Daniel Deladonne who launched his NFT collection, The New Era Series Installation.

 The [REVEAL] of encaustic work is always in the magic of the beeswax, color, and heat, with Shima Shanti at Peace Waters Gallery

 Zenith Art & Fashion always brings something special to Red Dot. This year's Art & Hope was a wonderful addition. Art & Hope is a creative organization that partners with the Arts in order to bring Hope to people in need, producing unique special projects to raise funds for different humanitarian causes. Guests learned more about the project and how to participate — plus received an invitation to Saturday's After Party

While collectors sipped Pommery Champagne, galleries received special honors as recipients of this year's awards, with the following winners:

Spotlight Award:

Art Gallery Pure

K-Art Projects

Nuu Muse Gallery

Jason Matias Gallery

Directors Award:

Jason Perez Gallery

Best Booth Design

Studio Jackie

Best Sculpture

Qoza Gallery, Tom Wargin

Rawlins Gallery, Nnamdi Okonkwo

Award of Excellence

Art Design Consultants

Showcasing artwork that ranged from watercolors to sculpture, from mixed media to Street Art, and from landscapes to abstracts, the Red Dot five-day art experience had collectors excited to add the artwork to their collections. Here is a sampling of highlights from this year’s exhibitor sales:

 Zukunft Galerie's artist Adam Rote's Hollywood Collection created a stir, especially with Priscilla Presley's appearance and her signature on multiple sales of the Priscilla print.

 Gebhardt Gallery sold two of Angela Gebhardt's sought after pieces.

 Art Design Consultants was excited with their two Doug Powell sales - David Bowie Heroes at $22,500 and Martin Luther King Jr. at $24,500 plus placing several Eric Boyer sculptures, a Renato Foti glass sculpture at $10,000, Mike Elsass' distinctive mixed media, and a David Erman sculpture among several others.

 K-Art Projects introduction of Daniel Deladonne's NFT launch, The New Era Series Installation, captured collectors attention and so did Gary Traczyk's sculptures, six of which found new homes. Columbia artist Alejandro Rauhut placed 4 pieces and emerging artist Lucienne Toledo from Peru sold two of her creative works.

 Studio Jackie was making impressions from the Opening Night and all through the fair with sales of 28 pieces from Jackie Fuchs, Amy Shekhter, Jacinthe Rivard, Lisa Grubb, and B. Lucy Stevens artworks.

 Jason Perez Gallery was busy from the moment the doors opened with sales of 11 of Diane Portwood's works; Silver Francis' Deadly Glow also found a new home.

 Dane Fine Art places Basquiat's Wrapped in Bubble, plus two sculptures by Opie/Warko and several other pieces.

 Invader's L.E.D. work was sold by End-to-End Gallery for $25,000, along with Martin Whatson's Stag and Make Love, Max Samsung's My Walkabout, plus 17 additional pieces.

 Art Gallery Pure's first exhibition at Red Dot proved to be the right spot at the right time and sold Jill Donahey's Wave Pools, Joseph Raymond's Strength and Beauty, Kiki Zais' Ocean Green, and several other pieces.

 Perseus Gallery placed Kaima Marie's Lipstick along with two pieces for artist Mary Lai and several other artists' works.

Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami have grown to become the ultimate destination for the fine art industry professional and contemporary art enthusiast who collectively seek a more accessible experience with exhibits showcasing the world's most progressive portfolios by some of today's elite artists, galleries, and emerging talents, with tens of thousands of art aficionados and collectors flocking to see the artwork of the 1,000+ artists showcased by over 170+ exhibitors.

Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami will return next year to the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, from November 30 to December 4, 2022. For more information, visit www.reddotmiami.com or www.spectrum-miami.com.

Photo credit: Redwood Art Group

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